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Een partijdige God – over Kaïn en Abel

Kaïn mocht dan wel bescherming van God krijgen, maar na die vreselijke daad horen wij hoe in het vervolg erger mag opgetreden worden tegen hen die iets verkeerds gedaan hebben. Vandaag lijkt die bloedwraak waar er dan sprake van is in de later hoofdstukken voor ons onbegrijpelijk.


Om in acht te nemen:

Kaïn wil dat geloof religie is en blijft: dat religie de bestaande opvattingen bevestigt. Maar Gods visie maakt ons verantwoordelijk voor de kwetsbare. Dat wil Kaïn niet. Zijn positie mag niet bevraagd worden. Zijn zonde is niet dat hij in een goede positie is en leiderschap toont, maar dat hij niet ten dienste van de kwetsbare wil leven.

Alexander Veerman

‘Elk mens telt’ – dat was het thema van de diaconale zondag in de gereformeerde kerk Sliedrecht (PKN). Het is een mooie gedachte, dat elke mens zou tellen. De werkelijkheid laat echter een ander beeld zien. Vraag maar eens aan een uitgeprocedeerde asielzoeker of elk mens telt. Of aan de vluchtelingen die vast zitten in Moria of in andere kampen langs de grenzen van Europa. Vraag het maar aan mensen die klem zitten in situaties van onrecht, of aan wie gebukt gaat onder schulden.

Wie macht heeft, populair is of geld heeft – die bepaalt. Het recht van de sterkste en daar zullen we het mee moeten doen. Toch? En daarmee zitten we midden in het verhaal van Kaïn en Abel. Dit Bijbelverhaal gaat over jou en mij. Een paar punten die in mijn beleving in het oog springen:

Het leven gaat door

Het eerste is dat het leven doorgaat…

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Looking at 1 Nissan, 5781 or Sunday, March 14, 2021

In life, the point is that man should be well aware that he was made by a Supreme Being at some point in time.

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Kijk naar 1 Nissan, 5781 of zondag 14 maart 2021

In het leven komt het er op aan dat de mens er zich goed bewust van is dat hij op een bepaald moment in tijd door een Opperwezen gemaakt is geworden.

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Genesis 2:5-9 Theological terraforming and the Genesis worldview.

Our understanding of Scriptures is received by our different characters with different views and necessarily conveyed in human words and imagery.

Out of nothing, using nothing, from nothing, simply by God’s Word speaking ‘Into Being’ everything came into being.
Theology should simply be understood to be the ‘study of the Theos,’ The God Who gives a theological illumination in chapter 1 of Genesis.
Even when we do not know how God made everything, it is not as such something to know, but something we have to accept and believe.

In the end, people shall come to understand that “Its all up to God. God’s will be done.” People also shall come to see that everything is connected and that by following God’s advice, given in the many assembled books, man shall be able to make the best of his life, capable for the challenges of our lives in corporately challenging times and circumstances.

Rev Stephen Thompson preachingUnderneath you may find Stephen Thompson’s interpretation of Genesis 2. He looks at it and at Tate Modern and the Clore Gallery and the multitudes of sketches and watercolours by the English Romantic landscape painter Joseph Mallord William Turner, known in his time as William Turner, who created expressive colourisations, imaginative landscapes and turbulent, often violent marine paintings.

For him we are invited in this Genesis 2:5-9 passage into a personal viewing of God’s creative studios at the start of time as we might think of it, now having the curtains and canvas being pulled back and we get to see something of what is going on, behind the dashboard as it were.

He looks at the introduction of the El or the Mighty – high-ranking god, YHWH or Jehovah and compaes Him with the heathen’s el (or god).


To remember:

  • we can only know the One who was called ‘El’ by men if the real God chooses to reveal their Reality. And so YHWH does!
  • God = explicit first cause
  • ground described metaphorically = having a face which God has tended with gentle moisture >God takes dust of the ground + forms an animate being with a face that is really sensitive + responsive +> first conception: ‘God formed… God breathed… > the man became
  • scope for an ongoing relationship with God as equals in nature in some vital respects.
  • God = only One capable of making a universe or matter with capacity to form life
  • God’s world = placed under our authority + control > our delicate stewardship, which must consider whether this plant is to be made a crop or a weed, and whether this bush will live here or there or not at all.
  • God’s creation = designed to point to a quality of life which reaches beyond our physical existence for a few short decades, + a quality of wisdom which is grounded in simple knowledge but then goes beyond what we might find out for ourselves.


On the 17th of January 2021 the article we reblogged was not anymore to be connected. Well are the following articles there to be read where he a.o. mentions that God is a hard worker and that it is how the universe got to be here.

God is an abundantly creative worker: that’s how the world with all its variety (including you and me) came to be here.

For him, it is also clear that Jehovah God doesn’t want us to ‘’die’’, but remarks:

That, of course, is what did happen when the first people trespassed across this known boundary. They sinned to their own eternal harm. We break God’s commandments and find that we ourselves are broken on them. If we break them, it is even more the case that they break us.

It is also by the bond of people:

The marriage of one man to one woman is God’s invention, and like the rest of His creation it is ‘good’. Also, like the rest of the created order, it has been affected by the fall. Sin spoils marriages and ultimately blasts people apart. But if we will keep looking to the One who gave us the gift of marriage, and if we trust in His resources, we can nevertheless know a wonderful harmony and intimacy.



Bereshith 1-2 The Creation of the World – The Seven Days

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common or garden theologian

Artist Illustration of Dragon entering the Martian atmosphere before landing (2015). Original from Official SpaceX photos. Millions of years ago Mars had a magnetic field and an atmosphere, but both are long since gone, so it is not presently inhabitable.

Genesis 2:5-9 (ESV) When nobush of the field[a]was yet in the land[b]and no small plant of the field had yet sprung up—for theLordGod had not caused it to rain on the land, and there was no manto work the ground,6and a mist[c]was going up from the land and was watering the whole face of the ground—7then theLordGod formed the man ofdust from the ground andbreathed into hisnostrils the breath of life, andthe man became a living creature.8And theLordGod planted agarden in Eden, in the east, and there he put the man whom…

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To know the power of verses of Psalms

The chapters of Psalms shatter all barriers and give us so much material to build us up to be able to come closer to the Highest of all.

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Considerations from Creation

Every day man is able to see “Creation”, though many do not see the Hand behind all those beautiful things around us.

Let us not forget that The Hand behind everything is The Eternal Invisible Great MasterMaker, Who wants the best for all and looks forward to the days that His creation shall be restored and mankind shall be as a child with Him as Father again.

We look at the raki’a, hashomayim, creatures and chok foreseen by the Bore. With admiration we can then perceive the revelation of the Hand behind all this and hear His whispering Voice.

When God spoke to Job, He gave him some considerations from creation that everyone should ponder about


The expanse in the sky and their lights, the sea, vegetation, birds of the air, fish in the sea, animals and all creatures that move in the water and along the ground were created by God before humankind. ‘God is not a God of disorder’ (1 Corinthians 14:33) and so He ‘made the earth by his power; he founded the world by his wisdom and stretched out the heavens by his understanding’ (Jeremiah 10:12). In creating all else before mankind, God wanted us to learn from creation, and ‘rule over all the earth and over all the creatures’ (Genesis 1:26). However, some take it to extremes and ‘worshipped and served created things rather than the Creator- who is forever praised. Amen’ (Romans 1:25), while others neglect the earth, pollute the environment, and mistreat animals and people alike. God did not intend creation to be worshipped, neither to…

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Het pre-messiaans tijdperk

De tijd voor de geboorte van de beloofde Gezalfde van God, Jeshua de Messias, kunnen wij het Pre-Messiaans Tijdperk noemen omdat het de tijd was die de (eerste) komst van de Messias (Messiach/Mashiach/Moshiach) vooraf gaat. In tegenstelling wat nog vele Joden denken is die Pre-Messiaanse periode afgelopen omdat wij ons niet meer, zoals vele Joden, bevinden in een periode waar wij nog zouden moeten uitkijken naar de eerste komst van die Beloofde van God. Die is namelijk al eens gekomen (zo een 2 millennia geleden). Nu kijken wij nog wel uit naar zijn tweede komst of zijn terugkeer naar de aarde, waarbij hij zal komen om over de levenden en doden te oordelen en om te komen zetelen als Koning der Joden en Koning der koningen in het Beloofde Land.

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Betrouwbaarheid van de overlevering 1

De mens moet beseffen dat God de zorgvuldigheid van de Joodse schrijvers en hun eerbied voor de tekst heeft gebruikt om Zijn Woord betrouwbaar te bewaren tot in onze dagen.

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Het Geschreven Woord: Lankmoedigheid & geduld

Een kijk op de woordkeuze voor datgene wat van lange adem kan zijn of war men voor een langer tijdje kan tegen aan kan gaan of zien. Het lankmoedige of geduldige kan spreken over een genadige gemoedszin of barmhartigheid.

Taal Feature Picture
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De Taal van de Bijbel: ‘Muren’ van water (2)

Wij kijken verder naar de manier waarop God Zijn volk een doortocht door de Rietzee verschafte en hen met ‘muren van water’ voor altijd van hun Egyptische overheersers redde.

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9 Av 2020 en Dagen van droefheid

De dag dat een aantal rampen in de Joodse geschiedenis plaatsvonden, voornamelijk de vernietiging van zowel de Salomotempel door het Neobabylonische rijk als de Tweede Tempel door het Romeinse rijk in Jeruzalem, kreeg in dit jaar een andere zwarte vlek van de CoViD-19 pandemie.

Taal Feature Picture
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De Taal van de Bijbel: ‘Muren’ van water (1)

In twee artikelen kijken wij hoe God met "Muren van water" een doortocht door de Rietzee voorzag maar ook een muur om langs te gaan of om tegen aan te botsen.

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First time since Nazi time no public gathering

2020 the year when an invisible enemy managed to isolate so many people and got so many believers of God not being able to meet with each other for the mitzvah of the memorial meal on 14 Nisan.

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Bereshith 5: Adam’s Descendants to Noah #4 From Enosh to another Enoch

Going from Enosh, the son of Seth and grandson of Adam, we go up to another Enoch in the family tree, namely the son of Jared and grandson of Mahalalel. We know those descendants of Adam had come to recognise the Divine Creator as their God to call upon His Name.

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Bereshith 5: Adam’s Descendants to Noah #3 From Seth to Kenan

Elohim had blessed the human beings He had created and allowed them to have children. That way A'dham became the father "of a son" in his own likeness, "after" his own image. We were not told this about Cain and Abel simply because the text did not wish to discuss them at length. In this chapter 5 Moses goes straight to the third son of Adam, Enosh. It is noted that from that time the people started to call upon the Name of Jehovah God.