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Tel Aviv University study found a record-high number of reports of antisemitic activity throughout the world in 2021

Tel Aviv Univ. echoing recent ADL study on antisemitism in the US, find worldwide increase in Jew-hatred over the past year.

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Avondklok en restrictie moeilijkheden

De Joodse gemeenschap in België en Nederland kan niet ontsnappen aan het coronavirus, maar is er zich wel bewust van dat er een hele kleine groep is die het moeilijk heeft met de beperkende maatregelen, terwijl de meerderheid zich wel aan alle veiligheidsmaatregelen houdt, en er zelfs gebruik van maakt om te reflecteren over de avondklok ten tijde van Moshe in Egypte.

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Greeting 2021

Perhaps we still have to wait until mid-2021 before we can come to normal living again, but at least we can see already a tiny light at the end of the tunnel.

To all a better and newer year full of hope.

May we be blessed to use 2021 for further refection and repair – repairing a world that has been torn by a pandemic and our own wastefulness.


It is perhaps fitting that the Jewish community will finish its annual reading of the book of Genesis just as the secular year is ending. Or maybe not; Genesis ends with the deaths of both Jacob and Joseph, on a sorrowful note that portends hundreds of years of slavery.

This year we need something more upbeat, something stirring and hopeful as we exit a year that took the planet by surprise, a year that shattered our expectations of the 21st century and a year whose very name stands for clear vision.

And yet 2020 was a year marked by murkiness and uncertainty. It felt as if we were moving in a fog. We couldn’t see the end, and didn’t know how to fight an invisible enemy that might or might not kill us. At first we were told that we didn’t need masks. Then we were told that masks…

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9 Av 2020 en Dagen van droefheid

De dag dat een aantal rampen in de Joodse geschiedenis plaatsvonden, voornamelijk de vernietiging van zowel de Salomotempel door het Neobabylonische rijk als de Tweede Tempel door het Romeinse rijk in Jeruzalem, kreeg in dit jaar een andere zwarte vlek van de CoViD-19 pandemie.