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One man chose to ignite a war

We woke up in a different world on Thursday the 24th of February.

For months, we heard someone from the North, saying the others were telling lies about him, that he wanted to invade Ukraine. Though on that Thursday morning we all could see that this Russian dictator not only is a great liar but also someone who does not mind going over corpses.

The Continent woke to the sight of Russian tanks advancing deep into Ukraine, fighter jets bombing government buildings in Kyiv, Ukrainians fleeing their cities and western leaders gathering in emergency meetings to co-ordinate the harshest possible sanctions.

The previous days we also heard the United States pushing other nations to take action and to create panic in Ukraine and surrounding countries. We may not overlook that the U.S. elites also had something to do with Putin’s ugly and destructive choice — a role that American Democrats and Republicans are eager to paper over with noble-sounding rhetoric about the bravery of Ukraine’s badly outgunned military.

The anger at President Putin’s brazen lies, and the wasted summits in Moscow where leaders were strung along with deception and obfuscation, was swiftly translated into a steely determination.
As Boris Johnson put it in his broadcast, the world could not allow Ukraine’s freedom to

“just be snuffed out”.

The Putin regime’s invasion “must end in failure”. How it ends is incalculable. The Russian assault clearly aims to target Ukraine’s air force and defensive capabilities, advance on Kyiv and other big cities, force an early surrender and install a puppet government.

Medium emblem of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (27.01.1997-present).svg
The emblem of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

The Ukrainian soldiers standing up to Putin are very brave, especially as they are also well aware that the Russian army outnumbers their men and army equipment several times over. The civilians, too, are aware of the supremacy of the Russian army, but are not prepared to surrender just like that. They too want to defend themselves with all their might.

The Ukrainian president weeks ago asked the Americans not to put oil on the fire and not to create unnecessary panic. But it was Americans that put them in harm’s way by using their country as a weapon, first against Russia and then against each other, with little consideration for the Ukrainian people who are now paying the price for America’s folly.

Putin wants to prevent NATO from expanding to Russia’s border. But the larger answer is that he finds the U.S. government’s relationship with Ukraine genuinely threatening. Previously he was on good terms with Donald Trump, but now with the change of power in the U.S. he does not feel happy and is aware he lost his ally and like-minded partner.

But he also got the idea now that for nearly two decades, the U.S. national security establishment under both Democratic and Republican administrations has used Ukraine as an instrument to destabilise Russia, and specifically to target Putin.

The president of the Russian Federation came to see a geopolitical threat that has grown steadily more pressing and been employed with greater recklessness by Americans and Ukrainians alike over the past decade.

Viktor Yanukovych (01910428) (cropped).jpg
Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych,

Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych, the fourth president of Ukraine who was also the prime minister of Ukraine from 2006 to 2007, could be seen as a puppet of Russia. After he suspended in 2013, the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement in favour of closer economic ties with Russia, a wave of demonstrations and civil unrest began on the night of 21 November 2013 with public protests in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kyiv.

Those Euromaidan protests escalated into the Revolution of Dignity that led to the overthrow of Yanukovych and the establishment of a new government, forming the background for Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014 and the War in Donbas (Donets-Basin) (the following month, a protracted conflict with Russian-backed separatists that culminated in a Russian invasion in February 2022).

Morning first day of Orange Revolution.jpg
Orange-clad demonstrators gather in the Independence Square in Kyiv on 22 November 2004.

Ukraine had seen its Orange Revolution (2004). In Moldova the opposition hoped for and urged some kind of Orange revolution ( the Grape Revolution), similar to that in Ukraine, in the follow-up of the 2005 Moldovan parliamentary elections, while the Christian Democratic People’s Party adopted orange for its colour in a clear reference to the events of Ukraine. In 2020 was another attempt “pro-democracy” inter-elite coups in the pro-Kremlin state on a Russian border. After the 2020 Belarusian presidential election, where incumbent president Alexander Lukashenko was re-elected, protests started claiming fraud, resulting in the Slipper Revolution. The European Parliament was willing to accept Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and the “Coordination Council,”as winner and legitimate interim government.

File:CSTO collective peacekeeping forces in Kazakhstan 2022-JAN-12, Tajikistan soldiers in Almaty Power Station-1.jpg
Soldiers from Tajikistan as part of the OSCE Collective Peacekeeping Forces guarding TPP-1 in Almaty, Kazakhstan

In 2022 we came to see the Bloody January in Kazakhstan. There was the growing discontent with the government and the former President Nursultan Nazarbayev with a sudden sharp increase in liquefied gas prices following the lifting of a government-enforced price cap on 1 January which resulted in heavy protests. According to The New York Times, protestors wanted leaders of the regions of Kazakhstan to be directly elected rather than appointed by the president.
On 11 January, in a speech to an online meeting of the CSTO military alliance by video link, Tokayev said to have nominated a new prime minister, Älihan Smaiylov, and said that order had now been restored in Kazakhstan and called the protests over.

Russia made sure in Belarus and Kazakhstan, both of those so-called “colour revolutions” failed and took care that they stepped back in line with the Russian Federation, not fearing an intervention from the West.

With Ukraine, the Russians turned out to have a different pair of mews. There, their impact on the heads of government appeared to be diminishing instead of remaining stable or improving. This made Ukraine representing a much more pressing concern, especially given the country’s push for NATO membership, which Biden officials like Secretary of State Antony Blinken publicly encouraged last year with no intention or possibility of actually making it possible. The U.S.A. already for years tried to play with Russia and to make themselves seem stronger as well above NATO. (Certainly Trump made a circus about NATO telling Europe they were useless.)

Whereas they otherwise meddle so much in the domestic affairs of other powers, they (the U.S.A.) did not act and allowed Putin to meddle in the affairs of other countries that were far from the United States and not so important to them.

The White House and U.S. foreign policy experts from both parties are united in claiming that Ukraine is a U.S. ally, a democracy, and a beacon of freedom, but we may wonder what they are really willing to do and how far they want to go, to stop the bloodshed we can see now in Ukraine.

It might have looked right to avoid conflict with Moscow when they took the Crim, but they should have seen and understood the danger they were to let grow by three Moscow related federate states or regions in such a big country close to Russia. This standing aside attitude of America and Europe made it possible that Ukraine had to face 8 years of unrest, now resulting in Russia wanting even a much bigger deal.

This year opened with Putin and his foreign minister Sergei Lavrov aiming to continue their dream of creating again the old Soviet Empire, now building up a New Russia (Novorossiya).

Better late then never, the US will slap sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said last month.

The world should know that this war is more a personal war, someone wanting to prove himself, making him the one who will go in the history books as the one who was able to restore teh Big Soviet Union (The New USSR).. It is one man’s ideology and one man’s authority that has driven Russia to attack Ukraine – and that is Putin. Putin not regarding the God of his fathers, sits as a “god”, magnifying himself above all, with ultimate power and no one in Russia is able to criticise or stand up to him. All those who dare even to point a finger at him or question some of his movements, are silenced straight ahead. Putin has one goal and honours hereby the god of forces by dedicating gold, silver, precious stones, and pleasant things to it in all strongholds (Daniel 11:38-39).

For believers in the God of Israel, knowing the Holy Scriptures there are several signs which could be noticed, making us wonder if we have come closer to the conclusion of times indicated in that Magnificent Book of books, the Bible. In the Old Testament it says that the king of the south (US/UK) will “push” at him (Gog / The New Tsar Putin). These personal sanctions are part of that push. This also should be an indication that we should be prepared that Putin is just undertaking his second steps to go further south and to go to his fourth step, resulting in Russia one day invading Israel…



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