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It is important that the Word of God resounds all over the world.
Each lover of God has the responsibility to make sure the Good News of the coming Kingdom shall sound all over the world.
You too, can help the preaching work of the Jeshuaists reaching non-believing or questioning people.

Going for the Biblical Truth

We have started this site because of the necessity, in these days, to have people in the world come to know the Name, the Word and the Work of God.

To be able to do what God expects from His People, we need many resources, like having copyrights, written and photographic material, computer and internet facilities.
Living in this world we also need the finances to pay for all the things to enable our preaching work.

There you may step in. There is your opportunity to help this preaching.

To help us to succeed reaching as many people as possible and to be able to distribute study material in Belgium and the Netherlands any help is welcome.

Please do not hesitate to help us financially!
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We shall be very grateful for your gift which shall be used to spread the Word of God.