Jeshuaists for you

As followers of the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua we do know the importance to follow up the task given by God and the task given by this Jewish master-teacher.

As Jeshuaists we consider ourselves brothers and sisters in Christ and as a grassroots movement of Jewish and Gentile followers of Jesus we try to join hands with all other followers of that sent son of God who is the way to God.

We are seeking to recover the theology and practice of the original first-century Jewish followers of Jesus. Not forgetting that they were originally a Jewish group, having their faith based on Judaic teachings, all followers of Jeshua should recognise that therefore also in this contemporary world we should base our faith on the Judaic or Jewish faith of Jeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).

We believe that education is the starting point. Without first knowing the Scriptures, there would be no way to know the Elohim Hashem Jehovah God, the heavenly Father of Jeshua, and to do what He expects of us. We study the Bible with a focus on the historical and linguistic context, recognizing the Scripture as inspired by God but still real, historical literature. By studying the Bible, we hope to be able to have a balanced grasp of what it means to be a believer.

At this website we do hope to present you some Biblical insights and to show the importance to keep to Biblical teachings or Biblical doctrines, and not to human doctrines. Doing so we do hope to reach you a hand with the agape love of Christ to invite you to go with us on the path to the right way to enter the small gate to the Kingdom of God.


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