This is a site of and for lovers of the Nazarene Jewish rabbi who lived at the beginning of the present contemporary era and who presented himself as the sent one from God, him being son of man and by the Grace of the Most High Elohim, Divine Creator of heaven and earth being brought on this world in a special way and declared as the son of God by the Elohim Hashem Jehovah.

This site is mainly in Dutch, being a site to direct to our fellow citizens in Flanders and the Netherlands. It is our aim to reach those who are looking for the reasons of this life and want to know Who or What is behind it all. We want to show them that Jeshua is the Way to God. And we invite all those who want to accept Jeshua as the Way to God, to come together as lovers and worshippers of the Only One True God to be united under the Body of Christ.


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  1. Those who want to follow Jeshua, and do not want to be confused with Christians who worship a trinity, can unite and show their faithfulness to Jeshua by revealing their unity in the Body of Christ to others.


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