Page 3 Who is a Jeshua-ist

A Jeshua-ist is someone who follows Jeshua and recognises the importance of that historical figure.

A Jeshua-ist or follower of the Nazarene Jew Jeshua, in English speaking countries better known as Jesus Christ, is a person who wants to have the rebbe Jeshua as his master teacher, healer, shliach (emissary) and Kohen Gadol (high-priest) before God and as a mediator between God.

The names Joshua and Jeshua in Hebrew writing ...
The names Joshua and Jeshua in Hebrew writing with “taggim” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As follower of Christ a Jeshua-ist worships the same God as the son of man and second A’dham, who was born in the lineage of King David. As a devotee of Jeshua the jeshua-ist treats him with full respect but does not make him into a god where he or she would kneel in front or made images of him or other gods or saints. The Jeshua-ist knows that Jeshua was lower than angels but made greater, though never as great as the God of gods, the Most High Elohim Hashem Jehovah. It is that God of Jeshua and his talmidim Whom is praised by the Jeshua-ist and considered as the Only One True God above all other gods, kings, queen or any living being.

The Jeshua-ist considers himself or herself as a son or daughter of the Most High, a brother or sister of Jeshua. As brothers and sisters in Christ the Jeshua-ists respect not only each other but also other human beings as well as all other beings, like animals and plants, all creatures of the Eternal Most High Supreme Being. Each element in nature belongs to the heavenly Father of Jeshua and as such shall the Jeshua-ist treat all those things correctly. Sharing brotherly love, the Jeshua-ist shall try to show similar love as their master, to those around him or her and out of love shall try to bring them under Christ unto God. Therefore the Jeshua-ist shall not be afraid to declare his faith in Jesus Christ and in Jeshua’s heavenly Father the only One God above all. Following up the task Jeshua (Jesus Christ) has given his followers the Jeshua-ist shall go out in the world to proclaim the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God.

As partakers of the body of Christ the Jeshua-ist considers himself or herself as being blessed to be under the Grace of Salvation and look forward to the promised Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel), the Kingdom of God, a world of peace and glory for the Most High Divine Maker.

The Jeshua-ist shows faithfulness to Jeshua (Jesus Christ) whom he/she considers as chief cornerstone or main building-stone of their community, meaning that there is no need to have another human head, like a pope or someone like that, to lead a worldwide congregation. Each individual is equal in the community of brothers and sisters with Jesus as head or king. Jeshua or Jesus is our focus, the Way to God, the means of salvation and entrance to the Kingdom of God.

In honour of our master teacher we carry his name in our denomination and as such recognising that as God also gave glory to his name we should do and do it by spreading his name and telling about his works, in the hope more people shall come to recognise the Nazarene Jeshua as the sent one from God, the most important prophet, the son of A’dham, the son of Abraham, the son of David and the Ben HaElohim or son of God who is the Way to God, our salvation and key to the entrance of the Kingdom of God.


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