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Joodse identiteit en welke taal om God te dienen

Gisteren, bij de 80ste verjaardag van de Getto Oproer in Warschau, kwam ter sprake hoe vele kinderen en achterkleinkinderen van het getto ontvluchte en overgebleven onderduikers-wezen van de uitroeiingskampen niet enkel worstelen met hun Joodse identiteit, maar ook met de talen die ze spreken en niet kunnen spreken. Ontvluchten van Naziterreur Een grote meerderheid van… Lees verder Joodse identiteit en welke taal om God te dienen

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This fighting world, Zionism and Israel #5

There are people who find that Israel is The Jewish State, and as such is founded upon the teachings, traditions, and precepts of Judaism, the very foundation of which is War With Gentildom. Virtually every religious feast of importance – from Passover to Purim to Hanukkah–celebrates the destruction of Gentiledom. The 5 ‘books of Moses’ comprising… Lees verder This fighting world, Zionism and Israel #5

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Children and grandchildren of a saved generation

From the 1930ies there was a feeling it would be better to bring Jewish children away from the European mainland into safety against the upcoming anti-Semitism. Those children came mostly in a non-Jewish environment and some were even submerged in an other religion. Many years later they, their children or grandchildren wanted to find their Jewish connection again and would love to worship the Only One true God again. for that reason many look for becoming to be recognised a as Jew again, though these days they see the danger again of the uprising anti-Semitism, which makes them afraid to come into the open with their faith.