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Division, diversity, unity and connection

In these days it looks fashion to create as much division as possible and to be living in a world where no unity seems possible.

Every day we can see on our television screen and on the modern applications on the smartphone how people go against each other and how some try to create as much division as possible.

Today the focus of mankind is not at all on what their heart and mind should be. There is nothing against the news focusing on the world. But mankind has lost the knowledge on what to focus in life.

For most people there is also no time to think about the One Who makes everything possible. Not many wonder about the beauty of nature and about what is going to happen with this world. Not many are willing to warn people about what is going to happen soon or in the near future.

The world should know that there shall come a time of truth. A time that everything shall come uncovered, where mankind shall come to see what is really the evil and what is the good. already centuries man has come to receive knowledge about good and evil, but today many do not want to hear their inner knowledge or follow their instinct.

We are coming into a face of history where the preaching of the Word of God shall increase, which is a good sign, though not all or many people would going to recognise one of those signs given to mankind to come to know when the time of the end-times shall come.

All the lovers of God who believe Jesus is the sent one from God, who has given his body for salvation of mankind, was taken out of the dead and who shall return to judge the living and the dead, enabling the righteous to enter the Kingdom of God, should show the world what they believe and where they stand for.

As partakers of the Body of Christ those who feel they are under Christ should show their unity by letting the world know that connection and by sharing their presence with each other. though we might be miles apart, separated by big oceans, today we have the internet to show our connection. There are the many webpages to which we may link or push the “like” and “follow” button. there are the many websites we may follow but also many websites where we can let our voice be heard and where we can show how we believe that Jeshua (Jesus) is the way to God.

It may please us that there are also more Messianic Groups on the net. But we must be aware that a lot of them are of the same kind as several ‘so called’ “Christian” websites, promoting the Trinity, which is bringing people away from the God Jesus worshipped, and bringing people away from the Biblical Truth.

In many religious groups we can find division. We also can not ignore that it is a shame as well as a pity as well as a heartbreaking thing, to see the division within those who call themselves followers of Christ. Though we must be fully aware that in this world we see a lot of groups which call themselves Christian, what would have to mean that they would follow Christ, but who do not follow Christ at all, but adhere human doctrines instead of Biblical doctrines.

Coming closer to the end-times those who love Jesus and love God should do their utter best to follow the Scriptures and to unite with each other. We should also know it must be possible to bring people together across denominations and to get people gathering to be in fellowship; to study the Word of God; to practice the life of Christ; and to do ministry together.

We must come to know places all over the world, where we could meet fellow believers, when we would come over there on one of our voyages. Today many people travel more than once. Many go to different places, some even more than once in a year. going abroad should not stop us to go to a meeting. It is not because we our on holiday that our spiritual mind has to take free time and that we do not have to make time for God.

Also on a trip or on holiday there should be space for God in our life. with all the applications on the modern media tools, we should be able to find like minded people and congregations where we could join a meeting of true believers in God. but naturally those believers in the One True God of Israel should let themselves to be known.

Hopefully we can get to know some like minded spirits also here.



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