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Bereshith 5: Adam’s Descendants to Noah #1 The accounting

The fifth chapter of the first book of the Pentateuch brings us the accounting of mankind. Moses gives an idea how the Children of God came one after the other on earth to play their role in history.

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Account of origin of man, sin and death

Religion and science may impinge on each other, and for this reason ‘creation’ is for some believers an emotive, not to say disturbing, subject. For some, Darwin and evolution have discredited Genesis and over the last century in the English-speaking world believers unwilling to ignore the facts of geology have had the problem of offering some explanation of what the Bible teaches on this subject. The problem has been aggravated in some circles by an unwritten taboo on open discussion of the subject. The truth of the Bible, it has been said, can be accepted without getting bogged down in current scientific opinions. In our review of the Biblical story we look in this article at the second account of the beginning of everything.

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Bereshith 2 Man and Woman placed in a Royal Garden

In the second chapter of the Bereshith light is shed on the day that יהוה Elohim made earth and heavens and created a beautiful Royal Garden where man, made in the image of God, could live in peace, with the animals, to which he receives rulership (not ownership over the earth).

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We haven’t always insisted that Gen 1 is literal 6*24 hours

We do not think we should take the Genesis 1 story speaking about a 24 hour day but about a day in the eyes of God which is much longer than 1000 hours. We should consider it more as a symbolic way of telling like we still sometimes use in our language and in “our day” or it “takes a day (at least)” indicating it takes many days or when talking about years or an age (number of years since it was made + period in history + generation +  to mean a very long time + lifetime + period or state of human life).

From the context and looking at what is written in other chapters of the Bible we may assume it is not mankind’s “day” of “24 hours” but God’s day or periods in the creation of God.


To remember:

  • Our opinion is that the Hebrew in Genesis 1 when it speaks of days is not describing a 24 hour earth day as we know it now.
  • consider 6 days of Creation in Genesis 1 as being other than literal.
  • EG Henry Sulley

As to the period occupied in the six days of the work of creation, we have no means of knowing how long a “day” is from the Divine point of view.”[1]

  • Bro Walker stated

we cannot agree to restrict the “days” of creation to literal days, and the original “rest” of God likewise to twenty-four hours! Critics will please be merciful to us[2] possibly a fair request!

  • Bro Watkins observed

sequence of events described in Genesis 1 is the same as the sequence that geologists have discovered by studying the rocks.  This cannot be mere coincidence…”[3]

+ proposed days of Genesis 1 = 6 days of fiats (or commands by God).

  • Bro Carter said

Bible = record of God’s creative activity in the beginning and onwards.

  • Alfred Norris > Moses putting down what he heard + describing what he saw + announcing end of each period of revelation as day’s disclosure comes to its end
  • Bro LG Sargent stated to “leave the time involved in creation as an open question[6].
  • Harry Whittaker concurs with Norris [7]
  • Bro Alan Fowler also expressed this view [8]
  • slightly different model advocated by Bro Hayward > followed Bro Watkins > advocating 6 days of fiats =  work being done at a later lengthier timeframe.[9]
  • Bro Andrew Perry expressed > “localised old earth[11] model.



An openingschapter explaining why things are like they are and why we may have hope for better things

Bereshith 1-2 The Creation of the World – The Seven Days

How did the original readers understand Gen 1:1?


Additional reading

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  2. Creator and Blogger God 1 Emptiness and mouvement


Christadelphians Origins Discussion

I don’t have any doubt that the Hebrew in Genesis 1 when it speaks of days is describing a 24 hour earth day as we know it now.  The bigger question is whether Genesis 1 is a literal historical record of how God made all things.

There are some surprising examples exist of brethren who absolutely did not accept evolution but were prepared to consider the 6 days of Creation in Genesis 1 as being other than literal.

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