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Jewish and Gentile Disciples

In the world we can find a growing amount of Messianic groups. There may be seen a lot of differences in the way they are structures and hold services, but what is most important is how they want to try to the Word of God and want to be partakers of the Body in Christ, willing to be united in Christ.

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Public reaction demanded against increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes

The number of anti-Semitic incidents in several European countries has risen a lot, but it looks like several people find there should come an end to such racism and that everybody should be free to wear religious symbols without becoming a victim of harassment. A day after Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, warned against Jewish men wearing a kippa (skullcap) in public, demonstrators wore the head covering in a gesture of solidarity. The largest event took place in Berlin, with other demonstrations held across the country in Erfurt, Potsdam and Cologne — with people of different faiths coming together.

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Belgium showing signs of pre-Nazi Germany making certain people afraid to show up in public

In Belgium and Holland we may find several populist politicians who do not mind to be enablers of hate speech against certain groups of people and who do not mind to go in against the freedom of speech, expression and religion. since a few years Muslims could receive hate and abuse and more and more Jewish communities also became targetted. The number of suspected far-right extremists referred to the Prevent anti-radicalisation programme has increased by more than a quarter, new figures show, as the number of Islamists falls. Also in our regions we must be careful not to loose democratic rights, seeing that around us over half the nations in the world are experiencing significant democratic decline.

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Het Grote kinderweekend

Op vrijdag 30 maart 2018 of 14 Nisan 5778 begint voor vele kinderen een extra leuk verlengd weekend met hun ouders. Tot en met maandag 1 april is er het Pesach en/of Paasweekend waar vele mensen eigenlijk stil zouden moeten staan bij de verlossing van de mensheid, maar velen de Uittocht van Egypte zo wel als de Loskopingsdaad van Jezus (Jeshua) zijn vergeten en eerder aan paaseitjes en geschenkjes denken.

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Geestelijke energie noodzakelijk voor de mens

Als schepsels van God moeten wij inzien dat wij allemaal gelijken aan elkaar zijn waarvan verwacht wordt dat zij de Goddelijke Waarheid leren kennen en zich open stellen om naar een Goddelijke theocratie toe te groeien. Hiertoe moet elkeen komen in te zien dat het geestelijke voedsel het belangrijkste is voor elke mens. Het is uit het Woord van God dat wij onze geestelijke energie zullen kunnen putten en dat wij voldoende leidinggevende raad zullen verkrijgen om ook nu al in dit tijdsbestel een betere wereld op te bouwen.

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Beginning of weeks for the Feasts of deliverance

Today in our regions we can see the amount of terror to Jewish people is increasing. West Europe can see that there are still  many individuals like Haman the Agagite, who made it their objective to remove the Jewish people from this world. Our ancestors in the previous century have felt it first hand. Many… Lees verder Beginning of weeks for the Feasts of deliverance

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2017 Undergraduate Judaic Studies Conference

The second annual Undergraduate Judaic Studies Conference presented the research of three Yeshiva College students on medieval Kabbalistic views of people with physical disabilities, social, political and religious institutions in the Spanish Portuguese Jewish community in early 17th-century Amsterdam, and gender descriptions in Jewish philosophy.

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Willing to do and we willing to learn everything that the Elohim has spoken

Man has to know he can connect to the Creator God as He reveals Himself within creation, but the only way we can connect to Jehovah God Himself is by likewise rising above the limits of rationality.

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De Pracht van een eigen ruimte

Wij zijn verheugd met het leuke nieuws dat Rabbijn Sipporah Joseph רב | Yeshiva in Amsterdam een plek heeft gevonden om een verbindingsplaats te maken voor ons sterfelijke mensen om te naderen tot het Hogere. Voor haar zal dit nu slechts een begin zijn, want nu zal zij moeten over gaan tot het verzamelen van… Lees verder De Pracht van een eigen ruimte

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Ambassadors for our faith in Jeshua

We have come in a time where it is urgent to be an ambassador for our faith, which means we also do have to be an ambassador for Jeshua making his name known.

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Scheppers ster verbinding tussen hemel en aarde

De eeuwenoude vijfpuntige geometrische figuur is het meest gekend geraakt als symbool voor de Joodse gemeenschap. In dit artikel overschouwen wij even de interpretatie alsook het mogelijke oogpunt voor ons vandaag.

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Literalist and non-literalist views

When listening to certain Christians we only can have the impression they do not understand the Hebrew way of talking and do not see how often idioms, parables and allegory are used. Too often they take words as names and texts literally when they are not meant as such.

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The figure of Eve

After having looked at Adam we cannot pass his helper Eve. It was she who brought the man to follow her idea and to ignore God's Wish not to eat from the Tree of moral, with as consequence that they got knowledge of good and evil and came to learn pain and death.

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An openingschapter explaining why things are like they are and why we may have hope for better things

Worldly books in no way can give such a clear picture to man what caused everything to come into being and how there may be a solution to the wrong steps taken by the first human beings. For this, man needs to understand clearly what caused this troublesome world. The Bereshith tells the story of the origin of life and death.