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What causes the Rise of the Far-Right

The feeling that their own nation is sacred and should be protected against outside forces makes people choose right-wing politicians who promise them an ideal flourishing prosperous nation

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Tel Aviv University study found a record-high number of reports of antisemitic activity throughout the world in 2021

Tel Aviv Univ. echoing recent ADL study on antisemitism in the US, find worldwide increase in Jew-hatred over the past year.

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96-year-old Holocaust survivor killed by Russian strike in Ukraine

96-year-old Holocaust survivor Borys Romanchenko, who in 2012 had read an oath devoted to "creating a new world where peace and freedom reign," was killed by a Russian strike on the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

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A Man from the North and The rushing of nations

On the 24th of February the Man from the North who thinks he is god and may do everything he wants to enlarge 'his kingdom', called his invasion of Ukraine a 'peace mission', though he took care thousands of innocent civilians could be killed. In a time of economic and political collapse Vladimir Putin, with… Lees verder A Man from the North and The rushing of nations

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Israel – A look at the land and people of Israel

A Russian alliance of some sort and Russian aggression that might come over our world today may be one of the many signs of "Acharit hashanim" or the "Latter years", the horrible great war that would come over the planet earth, as prophesied in the ancient Books of the Hebrews. God tells us that the onslaught that shall ascend and come like a storm, was prepared well in advance. Even when Israel were dwelling safely. This is typical of Russian strategy. They are the master chess players planning many many moves ahead. Putin came to power early 2000 – even then Israel were still living in “safety” the Al Aqsa Intifada had not begun the walls were not built.. It could have been at this very time that Gog thought this evil thought when Israel dwells safely.

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A New Year festival to bring better times

According to Mishnaic teaching, the New Year festival ushers in the Days of Judgment for all of mankind. Despite its solemnity, the festive character of Rosh Hashana is in no way diminished. In Scripture it is called “a day when the horn is sounded”; in the liturgy “a day of remembrance.” Again this year there… Lees verder A New Year festival to bring better times

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Intermarriage and Protecting the state of the Jewish and/or Jeshuaist family

Since childhood, we are taught ideal philosophies like we all are equal, one God, gender equality, secularism, brotherhood, etc. Moral books are full of such teachings. But when we grow up and get to know someone else whom we would like to take as a partner to go together through life it all becomes different, suddenly religion, culture, skin colour, genetic makeup, or country of origin matter a lot. In this article, we look at the result of an American survey and the way different Jewish branches handle the way of life and marriage of their people.


Thank you very much for your help

2017-05-31 we called the first readers welcome. Next to other Jeshuaist sites and the Immanuel Verbondskind site, it is by the grace of God that our work may reach others. We are thankful that we may count unto people like you, who are convinced that there is a need to bring the Biblical Truth to… Lees verder Thank you very much for your help

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Why would you not help us to preach about the Word of God

We are very pleased that you found this website. Perhaps you came across this site by some other Jeshuaist or Christadelphian sites. Can you imagine how important it is coming closer to the end times, that the Word of God would be spread all over the world? But telling about the Good News does not… Lees verder Why would you not help us to preach about the Word of God

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De Adem van God tot bestaan, leven en tot relatie brengend

Oorspronkelijk was er slechts de El'Elyon die Zijn Adem tot klanken bracht waardoor Zijn Woord dingen tot ontstaan bracht.

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Looking at 1 Nissan, 5781 or Sunday, March 14, 2021

In life, the point is that man should be well aware that he was made by a Supreme Being at some point in time.

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Kijk naar 1 Nissan, 5781 of zondag 14 maart 2021

In het leven komt het er op aan dat de mens er zich goed bewust van is dat hij op een bepaald moment in tijd door een Opperwezen gemaakt is geworden.

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Avondklok en restrictie moeilijkheden

De Joodse gemeenschap in België en Nederland kan niet ontsnappen aan het coronavirus, maar is er zich wel bewust van dat er een hele kleine groep is die het moeilijk heeft met de beperkende maatregelen, terwijl de meerderheid zich wel aan alle veiligheidsmaatregelen houdt, en er zelfs gebruik van maakt om te reflecteren over de avondklok ten tijde van Moshe in Egypte.

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9 Av 2020 en Dagen van droefheid

De dag dat een aantal rampen in de Joodse geschiedenis plaatsvonden, voornamelijk de vernietiging van zowel de Salomotempel door het Neobabylonische rijk als de Tweede Tempel door het Romeinse rijk in Jeruzalem, kreeg in dit jaar een andere zwarte vlek van de CoViD-19 pandemie.