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Jew, Messianic Jew, Messianic, Christian or better a Jeshuaist

In this world lots of people have rejected the Messiah or Kristos (the Christ) his personal identity (His birth Name), favouring another name that did not exist in the first century.  In these days, as we approach ever closer to his return, a name has been accepted without question. The Biblical scholars have withheld the true identity of our Salvation by their traditions and have given to the world a false name, a false identity directing those called, those coming toward the Kingdom away from their salvation.  In the fourth century, man has given to man again a false god, a god that tells them what they want to hear, not what they should hear and with other spiritual influences preach and pray in the false name Jesus.

In this world we do find the majority of Christians adhering to that false name and to the false human doctrines. Coming closer to the end times we can find more Christians who prefer to hold on to the Biblical Truth and worshipping the same One God Who is One, like their master teacher worshipped the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As Christians they do find their way in non-trinitarian Christian communities. As such we can find Churches of the Abrahamic Faith and Brethren in Christ or Christadelphians next to Jehovah Witnesses and other non-trinitarian movements and Abrahamic religions.

For the Jews who do find that the Nazarene Master Teacher, rebbe Jeshua, is the Messiah, there is the dilemma of not wanting to give up their Jewishness or the Jewish community rejecting them because considered apostates. Several Jews also not liking the title ‘Christian‘ because then being thought of to worship the same Jesus as the trinitarian Christians. The real followers of the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua naturally only worshipping One True God, The Elohim Hashem Jehovah, would love to belong to a community or church where they can feel at home and study the Torah like it should and to follow the tasks Jeshua had given to his talmidim, to go out into the world and to spread the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God.

Several Jews may face difficulties, thrown before the lions, not knowing which way to go exactly.

Yeshua and his identity as G-d’s Son are huge impediment to people who want to totally identify and become a part of today’s Judaism who has rejected him across the board. {The Jewish carpenter} {A Warning to Those Who Follow Yeshua}

For many Jews who are looking for the Moshiach or Mashiach, the Jewish Messiah, the expected king of the Davidic line who would deliver Israel from foreign bondage and restore the glories of its golden age, the time comes at hand that they would love to be united in their Holy Land, Israel, and shall find the Kevod Hashem or Glory of God, offering them eternal peace. Though first, we shall have to face a terrible war. To face that horror we would love to see that we can be united with many under the grace of that Moshiach or Mashiach, to be strong enough to endure this coming torture.

Heavily undernourished prisoners in Buchenwald on liberation on April 16, 1945

Many of us saw members of their family being decimated in the German camps, (Amersfoort, Arnheim (Arnhem), Bergen-Belsen, BreendonkMechelenWesterbork, Herzogenbusch/Vught and Drancy, collecting and transit places for going to death at Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen or as far as Auschwitz-Birkenau or BełżecDachau, Sobibór and Treblinka serving as “death factories” ) because they belonged to one particular faith. Most of them never gave up their faith nor betrayed it and as such lots of us do not want to betray that faith either.

Frank Meisler Kindertransport – The Arrival (2006) stands outside Liverpool Street station in central London
Arrival of Jewish refugee children, port of London, February 1939

Today we can find several children of the war generation their children, who were placed and brought up by Christians, but now have sincere questions about their Jewishness.
Those from the Kindertransport may have survived but were left with many questions and got their mind about their faith seriously sorely tried. Others are sandwiched between Christian and Judaic faith. Some are also caught up by the trinitarian Christians, mainly evangelicals who seem to offer them a (so-called) nice alternative or program of en-joyful worshipping. Such magnetism of certain evangelical groups brings people with a Jewish background in confusion, probably because they do not search enough for other Christians who do not worship a Trinity.

For certain people, it may become a battle.

During this time of struggle, I became a lame duck believer; a believer in name only but not in faith. I became an ineffectual and paralyzed part of the body of Messiah and wanted to leave this “messy- antic” movement so that I could blend in with Judaism who seems to have all the answers. It would have been easy; I am a Jew and I have the blood of Aaron coursing in my veins. It should have been easy; but it wasn’t at all, it was crippling. {The Jewish carpenter} {A Warning to Those Who Follow Yeshua}

Many may feel handicapped, feeling that they are somewhere in-between, Some think they can run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, others feel that they fall between two stools or have come to sit in a barbed wire canoe without a paddle.

Many may see the false beliefs in Christendom, though do not come to see the true Christians of Christianity, because the majority loathe the non-trinitarians and even say they are not Christians. If they are not Christians, how should they be called? As real followers of Jeshua, we propose they could call themselves Jeshua-ist and the Jews who would like to follow that man of flesh and blood, who as the sent one from God is also called son of God, might call themselves also Jeshuaist if Messianic Jews or Messianics would not be the solution.

Many Jews look at Christians and think they all have Jesus as their god. In several countries Jews and Muslims do have a limited view of Christians, thinking they are all worshipping three gods, overlooking that there are real Christians who take Jesus to be a special man, a prophet and master teacher, who was born some 2 milennia ago (4BCE) and really died (30 CE), with the knowledge that God does not have a birth and cannot die, Him being an Eternal Omnipresent Omniscient Spirit God.

Today I wish to bring out a call to those who have doubts about the Messiah and the way to honour him and to place him in their faith. We must be on guard against falling away from Messiah.

The study of the Holy Scriptures is the best help for people to build up their faith and to come to see that Jeshua is the way to God and that he really is the expected Messiah, the one where still many Jews are looking for their Moshiach, him coming soon back to this earth to reveal himself again.

Studies of theologians their books may undermine the faith in Messiah and in the true Faith of the Only One God. It’s happened to many people, don’t let it happen to you.

Some even started talking about the ““messy” anic movement” because it seems really to be a mess, having two main groups of which one is even a group who adheres the Trinity. Strangely enough there we also can find people who still call themselves Jew, but according to me this is impossible because a Jew is someone who adheres the God of Israel and not the god of trinitarian Christendom.

Some people also have problems or do not feel at ease with the customs of certain Christian groups.

One BIG problem we seem to have is the lack of Yiddishkeit in many of our services. We water it down for the goyim in our midst. Thus, many congregations have more goyim than Jews, but still try to call it a synagogue.

I visited one havurah for erev shabbat. We lit candles, sang 3 Shabbat songs, and from then on it was a Xian Bible study. Those who came 10 minutes late missed the Jewish part.

If we claim to be authentically Jewish, then we need to genuinely embrace the Messiah of Judaism, not Xianity draped in a tallis.

The problem is not reading too many Jewish sources, for that is what we should be doing. The problem is having a movement that falls short of what it purports to be. {}

Seeking Jewish authenticity may be a great problem. Today we also do find Christians who start seeing their Trinity is a false teaching and that they should leave ‘Christianity‘ (not knowing they were part of Christendom and that in Christianity there are enough non-trinitarian churches). They think they should become Jew to belong to a religion accepted by God, but then they are troubled with the position of Jesus, which they still want to consider the Messiah.

It should be remembered that the dynamics of Gentiles being drawn to Judaism vs born-Jews being drawn to Yahadut or Judaism are completely different, as are the chances of both groups leaving Jeshua behind.


From my experience, those lacking Jewish identity or those who are not Jewish halachically are far more likely to leave Yeshua behind once embracing and immersing themselves into Judaism (especially those Gentile “messianics” who are seeking or have undergone conversions – and I personally met not a few), because their whole new identity now depends on the approval of their new teachers.

Many Gentiles have an issue with learning Judaism from Messianic sources because there are very few sources that really uphold a strong Judaism with spirit and understanding. When encountering people who call themselves Messianic I notice often they have more a Zionist feeling instead of a real Judaic feeling.

Most of the Messianics wave an Israeli flag and revel in Jewishness, but lack serious lifestyle and Torah keeping. That is part of the problem that I have seen.

writes ‘

When it comes down to it, it is our fault as the Jews of the movement to step up and walk the walk instead of being a mildly observant, Zionist, Jew that really goes against what Judaism teaches. {}

A general complaint is

The men and women who stay in the traditional Jewish community stay there for a good reason, …. The Yeshua they love is not the Yeshua being proclaimed by the ones who claim him. {}

Goy should remember that Paul was the Apostle to the Gentiles and did not require (see Galatians) Gentile conversion to Judaism as a pre-requisite for belonging and becoming adopted children of God. The first followers of Christ were mainly Jews, but more and more gentiles became a member of the movement of the Way (how the Jewish sect was called at that time)

There may be strictly observant, Judaism-honoring Messianic congregations, and it may in several countries perhaps have the greatest numbers of people abandoning Jeshua. We must make sure to take the Messianic writings at heart and to come to see and believe that Jeshua came to restore the relationship between man and the Most High Elohim. He was allowed by God to be a bridge between the goy and the Jews, bringing more people unto God, those non-Jews not having to apply to all the Jewish mitzvot.

In Antwerp the joke is told that the Jewish people asked God how much it would cost, to have His regulations, and when God told them they were free, they said “Oh, give them all to us.” and as such they got the 613 mitzvot, whilst the others only a few.


Sometimes the reason people leave Yeshua is not the reason they say they leave for.

I get discouraged about the messy-antics, but having served on the board of a conservative synagogue, I know they have their own messi-antics without Yeshua.

Some people want so badly to be accepted by the Jewish community as genuine, that they will even turn from Yeshua to gain that acceptance. The problem is not with Judaism, but with the people’s own unspoken desires.

Symbol of the three Abrahamic religions.
Symbol of the three Abrahamic religions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is totally wrong to think that believing in Jeshua puts someone in the “Christian” corner and keeping a version of Torah puts them in the Jewish corner. A Jew, as well as a non-Jew, can come to see that rebbe Jeshua is the Way to God and the promised Messiah and as such come to follow his teachings, which did not abandon the study of Torah, the opposite, Jeshua demands to have a great desire in coming to know what the Elohim wants from mankind, and to get to know that one needs to study thoroughly the Bible.

Those who have an understanding how the Roman Catholic Church managed to bring a schism in Christianity and changed the name of the rebbe into the name the Roman emperor wanted to hear Issou (Jesus or ‘Hail Zeus‘) and want to go back to the real name of the sent one from God, Who He declared to be the “son of God” , should not be afraid to use the master teacher his birth name, Jeshua. His name has been too long been ignored, refused and denied by the general Christian population.

The name “Jesus” is a modern deception, a lie believed by nearly everyone — a name that did not exist at the first and second century of this contemporary era.

Another big mistake which brought a lot of confusion was to take then title for calling Baal, Lord and later calling the many Baal’s, Lord.  Baal, by definition, means, “lord” — Lord worship, pushing the Holy Name of our Creator and Father aside, plus having the people no idea any-more if there is spoken of the Omniscient Highest Lord of Lord of lords, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, or of His son, whom they also call Lord of lords.

Therefore those who really love God and love and appreciate what God His son has done, shall make sure that more people shall come to see the difference between Jehovah God and His son Jeshua, and the real worshippers of God, who have only One Master teacher and One God to worship.

Being non-Jew or Jew when accepting Jeshua as the Way to God, him being the son of man and the son of God, they as lovers of Jeshua can always call themselves Jeshua-ist or adherent or devotee of Jeshua.


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