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A Hebrew-Christian movement

People should know there is a big difference between trinitarian "Jews for Jesus" and those Jews who believe in Jeshua as their Messiah but who worship the Only One True God of Israel.

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Is it time for UK Jews to pack the bags?

The Jewish Concerns Forum dreads the thought of another conflict in the Middle East like in 2014, only this time the Prime Minister is Jeremy Corbyn. Add to this scenario some economic hardship, brought about by Brexit, the need for a scapegoat increases and the people know exactly where to look.

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Shalom, Ik ben Messiaanse Rabbijn Sipporah Joseph. De enige Messiaanse rabbijn in Nederland en België! Messiaans-Sefardisch-Conservatief. Oprichter van de Yeshiva (MYTTI) | Jodendom en Israël Studies. Video Kanalen