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Samen deel uitmakend van het Lichaam van Christus

In de eerste eeuw van onze huidige westerse jaartelling rees de vraag wat te doen met de heidenen die de leer van de Nazareense leermeester Jeshua wilden volgen en deel uitmaken van de geloofsgemeenschap die rond dat personage was gevormd. Uiteindelijk kwamen die goyim of niet-Joden deel uitmaken van één en hetzelfde geestelijk lichaam, het Lichaam van Christus.

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Jewish and Gentile Disciples

In the world we can find a growing amount of Messianic groups. There may be seen a lot of differences in the way they are structures and hold services, but what is most important is how they want to try to the Word of God and want to be partakers of the Body in Christ, willing to be united in Christ.

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Difference between a Messianic Gentile, a Messianic Jew and a Christian

We have a.o. a look at a Messianic gentile his journey of faith and his discovery as a gentile of the Jewish Roots of his faith and examine who may call himself Messianic Jew and what for name could be suited to adapt when loving God and accepting His sent one Jeshua as the Messiah.