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This fighting world, Zionism and Israel #7

In the previous postings we have seen that we not only have secular Jews today reigning their land with a hard fist but also so called “Christians”, with a bastardized, twisted interpretation of the Bible and false leaders, who slavishly and unquestioningly support the Zionist state of Israel, and all Jews anywhere and everywhere.

“Anti-Semitism” is used to defame any who dare to criticize Jews or their actions.  Period.  End of discussion.

If a Jew dares to criticize the actions of other Jews, he or she is labelled “a self-hating Jew”.  Criticism of Jews must be motivated by hate – there can be no other source or cause of such criticism*.  There is no legitimate, constructive criticism of Jews possible! {how “anti-Semitism” is used}

According to him many Christian Zionists

are what we would term “eschatological” Christians who desire to witness and experience the end times, or the “Rapture”, and believe that God will somehow use the Jewish people in His plan for humanity’s salvation.  Let’s be clear: Christian Zionism is a heretical strain of American Protestantism (which literally consists of thousands of denominations or splinter groups). {how “anti-Semitism” is used}

He wrongly thinks that both atheist Jews and Talmudic Jews are ardently working to undermine Christianity in Western countries, though they do not like those missionaries of Christendom who try to convert them to that false trinity god.  They may look negatively to those trinitarian evangelist Missionaries and may foster illusions about other religious groups, some even not minding to bask in the love of Messianic Jews and non-trinitarian Christians from Christianity.

Clearly we can see certain Christian Zionists as a red lap on a bull, but find also other Christians who still consider that Jews killed their god (forgetting that the Most High God cannot be killed) and who look down with jealousy on what Jews could manage in the past. For many look down at the Jews because they see the Jew as all-powerful (the “Zionist lobby” running the USA), Jew as financial manipulator (the world being supposedly run by trans-national corporations and not imperialist states), Jew as murderer, Jew as the subject of the blood libel, Jew as poisoner of the wells (the anti-urbanisation of much Green politics — with Jews being the urban people par excellence). One of the frustrated voices says it this way

Who controls Hollywood and turns out all the moral rot that comes from Hollywood?  It was Jewish intellectuals (from the so-called Frankfurt School) who gave us the sexual revolution, the resulting moral relativism and nihilism, and the self-absorbed hedonism that has so seriously damaged marriage and family life (and, by extension, the social fabric) in the US over the past half century.  A few Jewesses (Friedan, Abzug and Steinem (who was half Jewish)) hijacked feminism in the 1960s and turned it into the enmity spreading, gender confusion movement that it is today.  Jews (Hefner and many others) promoted pornography and financed its spread.  We could go on, but we would rather you start connecting the dots for yourselves. {how “anti-Semitism” is used}

He reminds people also that

The Ashkenazi, or eastern Jews make up more than 90 per cent of the Jews of the world. These people are not descendants of the ancient Hebrews, or if you prefer, the Israelites living in Palestine 2,000 years ago. A true ancestral “home” for the Jews would be located in the area of Russia (east of the Ukraine) where they settled in the early Middle Ages and there converted to Judaism (in the 8th century A.D.). Not only have the 20th century writings of Jews acknowledged this fact (that the Ashkenazi Jews are descended from a tribe living on the steppes of Russia that converted to Judaism in the early Middle Ages), but the language we know as Yiddish is the old Chazari tongue that this people spoke at the time of their conversion to Judaism. {the errors of Christian Zionism}

According to him

Those Jews that actually are religious (many ethnic Jews are atheists) follow the Talmud and not the Torah. {critique of Protestantism part two: Christian Zionism and End Times (Rapture) prophecy}

and warns those protestant Christian missionaries

The Talmud contains many verses that are vile and viciously anti-Christ, and anti-Christian.  Thus, the love affair that many Protestant Christians have for Jews is a rather one-sided affair.  Christianity did not develop out of what modern Judaism is (which is Talmudism, a modern form of Pharisaism).  {critique of Protestantism part two: Christian Zionism and End Times (Rapture) prophecy}

He than looks further at the Ashkenazim, or eastern Jews saying they are roughly 90 per cent of all Jews in the world today and

are not descended from the ancient Hebrews or Israelites.  They are descended from a warlike Asiatic tribe (Khazars) that converted to Judaism in the 8th century of the Christian era.  So, the modern Jewish claim to an ancestral homeland in Palestine is not valid. {critique of Protestantism part two: Christian Zionism and End Times (Rapture) prophecy}

larryzb is aware that we cannot lump all Protestants together, but says

Christians ought not be wasting time and anxiety over the “end-times” and ought to be concentrating on living a Christian life and on evangelizing non-Christians. As well, Christian Zionism is erroneous and needs to be shunned. These errors are not coming from the Orthodox Churches (Greek, Russian, Serbian, etc.) nor from Roman Catholicism. {critique of Protestantism part two: Christian Zionism and End Times (Rapture) prophecy}

Today we face a time where there is a necessity to start to develop a movement simultaneously based on struggle for Religious freedom with Palestinian rights, Jewish rights, Christian rights and against anti-Semitism. For many the challenge can also forge a unity which presently seems a million miles away. those people who have faith that the Messiah has already come once, in the person of Jesus Christ (Jeshua) should take the lead. They should be in charge for trying to put all parties on an acceptable line. As good Christians, recalling the Beatitudes, those followers of Christ ought to work to promote peace and justice, and thus work to avoid wars and war making. This honour is awarded to them.

As Jeshuaists we may not be silent and should let our voice be heard, not being blind for unrighteousness that may be done to one or the other, respecting all human beings involved in this debacle. We should try to have the eyes opened of those who claim that they are worshipping Allah/God the Elohim Hashem Jehovah and should help all those in need. Defending certain people, pushed in the corner, does not have to mean one is against the Jews or for the Palestinians (tout court), or that a person would be a Zionist or an Anti-Zionist or anti-Semitic. as lovers of God our love should be shared with all creatures. Also should we try to let all those involved in the battle of the Middle East and Israel to come to see that those holy places for the Jews are also the holy places for the Christians as well as for the Muslims, and that all those religious groups should be able to make use of those holy or set apart places. every lover of God should raise over politics and should join hands with other lovers of God, putting themselves above human rivalry.

Let us remember Steve Cohen his words

there can be no genuine internationalism, no genuine international solidarity, no meaningful working together of ordinary people wherever tribalism or communalism dominates. And at the moment it is precisely these reactionary formations that dominate both Muslim and Jewish communities — and the tragedy is they are hardening. It would be good if Engage put its energy into helping soften them. {Steve Cohen’s ‘That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Anti-Semitic’ +There Must Be Some Way Out of Here}

And that others also help to soften them and to give guidance for a better world.



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7 gedachten over “This fighting world, Zionism and Israel #7”

  1. “they do not like those missionaries of Christendom who try to convert them to that false trinity god.”

    Please study the subject you are referring to. There is no trinity God, the Bibles doesn’t mention that either, but it’s ONE God, Who reveals Himself in three ways. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

    Take a look at your own life. Hopefully you can admit that you are one person, but you are also playing different roles and express yourself in different ways, yet no-one claims you are three (or even more!) persons.

    Several roles every normal man has are:
    – Father
    – Son
    – Husband
    – Grandfather
    – Employer or employee
    – Client
    – And so on, and so on…

    In each situation you act different… or at least that should be the case.

    It’s the same with God. As righteous God He needs to condemn the world, but since NO man can bring the ultimate sacrifice, He also needs to save the world Himself, which He did through the only Man without sin: Jesus!

    He is the judge that punished his own daughter for driving too fast, stepped down from his chair, laid down his official clothes and as a father, paid the fine!

    And that are only two of his roles as a normal man!


    1. Naturally there is no such thing as a Trinity. The bible does not teach such falsehood and that is what the writer of the article remarks that in Christendom we do find lots of denominations which worship such a Tri-une god whilst Scriptures demand the worship of only One God.

      You also seem to have fallen in the trap of those Trinitarians their thinking that “NO man can bring the ultimate sacrifice” and that therefore God would have to come down to the world to fake His temptation and His death (because God cannot be tempted, man can do God nothing and God cannot die). Strangely enough you also say “He” (by which you probably mean your tri-une god) “also needs to save the world Himself, which He did through the only Man without sin: Jesus!” though there you say it yourself that God used the man Jesus (Jeshua, the Jewish Nazarene rabbi from the tribe of King David) That man had everything to learn and did not know a lot of things. He even did not know when he would be coming back or when the end-times would be, because he knew that was not to him to know but belonged to the knowledge of the Only One God, Who is greater than Jesus and Who is his heavenly Father, without Whom Jesus could do nothing. Jesus was able to put his own will aside (when he would be God than he did never put his own will aside and did always his own will) and came to do the Will of God, totally submitting to God His Will and and on all levels following God His commandments, so that he never went against those Rules of God and as such did not sin.


    2. Even when I would have different roles in my life when I would say something or would do something it would always be from the same position.

      If I would be the director of the bank and would know a share would crash, at the desk, being a bank clerk I would not try to sell it to you. Your Trinity in case He is an all-knowing god, like the God of the Bible is an all-knowing god , and when He would be Jesus than he told many lies. First of all Jesus said he was not a ghost, though God clearly say He is a ghost or Spirit no man can see and then stay a life. Many saw Jesus and did not fall death. Secondly Jesus said he did not know when the end-times would come. That is a very imortant period for all followers of Christ, so in case Jesus is Gdo he would be very cruel not telling us such important information. The same concerning who would be seated next to him, in the Kingdom of God. When Jesu sis God it makes also God in to a very cruel being, having waited such a long time before faking His temptation (because God can not be tempted) and to fake His death (because God cannot die), plus after all that charade letting us still suffer, and even after World war III or Armageddon letting us wait for an other 1000 year.

      You say ” NO man can bring the ultimate sacrifice,”. Why not. Do you think than that god gave mankind commandments He very well knew No man could keep them. Once again that would make Him to be a very cruel and unjust Father.

      How can somebody Who owns already everything pay a fine due to Him whit something which already belongs already to Him, and what for use would that have?

      I do hope when you have your different roles in your life you will always in each role be hones and would speak the truth.

      God say Jesus is His only begotten son. He does not say This is I Who came down to earth to be or to play the god son.

      God also declares that Jesus is the sent one from God; Jesus also says he is the sent one from God. So both would not be telling the truth when they are one and the same.

      Jesus says he can not do anything without the Father Who is greater than him. When Jesus is God he would be able to do all the same things as God and then he would never been lower than angels (like Jesus was according to Scriptures.

      So that god of yours who had to safe the world himself, does not look a righteous god when he could have done that straight away in the Garden of Eden and still let us suffer so much.

      We prefer the loving God Who has sent us His only begotten son to show us the way to God and to declare the Word of Gdo, like is written in scripture, to sit know at the right hand of God (and not on His throne as it would when Jesus is God) to be a high-priest for God and a mediator between God and man. A person can never be a mediator between himself.


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