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If some of us do not feel safe

The preceding weeks Marcus Ampe has been busy with making contacts and having meetings with all sorts of Messianics and people he thought could be interested in joining us and to be able to give addresses where people could gather for study and prayer, like synagogues and house-churches.

He spend a lot of time trying to convince several preachers and rabbis to come into the public, but could only come to the conclusion that many Jews and Messianics are afraid to come public. He tried to convince them that lovers of God should not be afraid to face the world and to show them Who is the Most High Powerful. He knows that real lovers of God always shall be laughed at and be bullied, but also knows that man can not do as much as the Elohim. Therefore man has to fear God more than man.

When people have fear they should look for what feeds that fear. The first steps in learning to overcome fear is acknowledging why the matter is a fear or withhold us from taking steps.  We all are so afraid not to succeed in our dreams. We fear failure and by not being able to live our faith like we want it we feel that we fail. But we do forget that by giving hands to like-minded people we can be stronger and can overcome that fear of failing to worship properly and to be able to become recognised as a true worshipper of God.

Many of us want to do things their own way and when not able to do so we do feel that we have failed. Though we also should be humble enough to recognise that other ways to do it also can be good and helpful for everybody around us. Often we do not want to let people down, and certainly not God. By putting water in our wine and by joining other people with quite similar ideas we do not commit treason.

Marcus Ampe got the impression that several rabbis were afraid that others would say how and what they had to do. But joining the Jeshuaists does not at all have to mean you have to let go of your own teachings or own community. To be a Jeshuaist and using that name is to cover all different groups that love Only One True God and love Jeshua the Messiah. It is a means to show the outside world that we stand behind our believe in Jeshua, the sent one from God and believe he is the long awaited promised Messiah.

All lovers of God and followers of Jeshua the Messiah shall have to face similar traits. Being aware of the consequences of having the faith or belief in Christ, we should know that by showing the rest of the world we want to be part of a greater unit, being called the Body of Christ, we can in our union with all the different members of that body, become strong partakers of that Body of Christ.

Maya Angelou and Eliyahu Fink

Eliyahu Fink (Haaretz) wrote in Forward

The most important thing we can do for the future of Orthodox Judaism is not to be able to untangle the Gordian knots of Talmudic reasoning or be incredibly diligent about halachic observance. Lets assume that’s being done already. {Maya Angelou’s Message For The Orthodox}

Be it Orthodox Judaism or any other form of Judaism, it is all about how we not only live ourselves but also how we communicate with others.

Generally, people in Eliyahu Fink her community are either baffled by any dissatisfaction with Orthodox Judaism or they are convinced they have an intellectual response that can fix the problem. She writes

There is a tendency to believe that if we say the right thing or if we do the right thing everyone will be content. Or that even if individuals are unhappy or uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter – if we did the right thing and they are still disgruntled – its their problem. Its a philosophy that assumes that there are objective responses to subjective circumstances and that we can preselect the experience of community members by providing a particular group of words or ideas. {Maya Angelou’s Message For The Orthodox}

She knows that isn’t true.

Two people can have the same experience but feel completely different. There is no objective version of Orthodox Judaism. Despite our best intentions and our greatest efforts, the correct answers or even our sincerity don’t really determine the fate of everyones commitment to Orthodox Judaism. The thing that makes or breaks Orthodox Jewish continuity, in my opinion, is how we made them feel. {Maya Angelou’s Message For The Orthodox}

That we should remember. It is more important that we go for a general feeling of unity or oneness in our differences and have a respectful attitude to all around us, even when they may have contradictory ideas.

Our memories are selective and some things stick for longer and dig deeper than others. Words and actions can make an impression on us, but they are not the thing that make the strongest impression on us. The way we feel matters most. If some of us do not feel safe, comfortable, and joyful within the context of Orthodox Judaism, those feelings matter more than any intellectual or ritual attachment we have to our traditions. Its that simple. {Maya Angelou’s Message For The Orthodox}

Also for those who would not feel happy or safe with being part of a greater community which wants to come forward as “Christians” who do not follow the false teachings of the 4th century but share the brotherhood of the first followers of Christ and his talmidim. Those following the first century rebbe should share their faith and should share fellowship with each other.

All together we want to give others a nice feeling, welcoming them under the watchful eye of our master, rebbe Jeshua, in who we trust that he is the mediator between God and man.

As there is no objective version of Orthodox Judaism there is also no singular version in Jeshuaism. Like all the talmidim were different and at times even had discussions with each other, not agreeing on certain matters, Jeshuaists also wants to leave different doors to be opened by the many different people who follow the same rebbe, but each in their own way, respectful to the way of others. Divisions in the followers of Jeshua makes them weak, so therefore by coming together under one name we show our unity and strength and then we do not have to fear to show how wonderful, tolerant and peaceful real followers of Christ (or Jeshuaists) are.

Unity does not have to mean to be exact copies of each other.Unity doesn’t mean uniformity. The richness of a group is when the variety in it goes under the same huge umbrella, where everybody goes for the same goal, wanting to bring people to God and through the small gates to the Kingdom of God.

Our concern should be to create positive Jewish/Hebrew Roots/Jeshuaists/Messianic/Christian experiences and also acknowledge and relieve the pain of negative experiences. Feeling the hot breath of populist politicians should not make us to hide us in our own little personal cocoons, but should make us to dare to come out and show the world around us that we are with many more they probably think and that we as one community can stand strong in the political storm of far-right promoters.

How we feel matters even if everything was done right. Being right does not determine how another person will feel. We need to be conscious of those feelings irrespective of saying or doing what is right. Conversely, we can manufacture good experiences and emphasize the importance of positive feelings towards our Jewish/Jeshuaists/Messianic/Christian experience. That is the thing that people shall have to remember.

Being partakers of the Body of Christ should be that what connects us. As a kidney, a lung, a stomach, a liver or even as an artery, we all have a role to play in that Body of Christ. Nobody should be afraid of an other organ in that body, where there is enough place for many believers even from many denominations. All should feel safe in that one body which secures the better relation with the Most High.

Lets make an effort to cultivate those positive experiences so that our community remembers the feelings. And they will remember what Maya Angelou teaches us what lasts the longest – how we made them feel.

People will forget what you said.

People will forget what you did.

But people will never forget how you made them feel.

– Maya Angelou (1928 – 2014)




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