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Belgium showing signs of pre-Nazi Germany making certain people afraid to show up in public

The previous weeks we tried to meet several organisations and individual people to discuss the possibility to have their group made public on the net. Though our talks showed that many of them prefer to stay in the shadow of the unknown carriers of faith.

Our talks brought to light how many are afraid to being pushed in a corner and to receive a label. Lots of people have not forgotten how their family members got bullied and even had to face the most horrible cruelty and death. Most of my family who became victim of the Nazi repression are death now, but from their stories they told me I can also understand we are know facing a very similar situation as in the 1930ies.

Stephen B Jacobs, who has lived in the United States since being liberated from one of the biggest of the Nazi concentration camps established on German soil, the Buchenwald concentration camp in 1945, told Newsweek that the growing prominence of far-right voices since President Donald Trump’s ascension to America’s highest office is worrying — and that things seem to just be getting worse.

Not only he has this impression

“Things that couldn’t be said five years ago, four years ago, three years ago — couldn’t be said in public — are now normal discourse. It’s totally unacceptable.”

An English Defence League demonstration in Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Everywhere in Europe we see the tendency to attack Jewish living. The ban on shechita and brit are ways of the Federal Belgian government to work against the religious Jews, Jeshuaists and  Messianics who want to follow Torat Moshe. By bringing such bans they do hope such believers shall, with faithful Muslims, leave the country and shall not bother or frighten the Catholics and atheists.

This time we are not only facing a problem in continental Europe. Mr Jacobs, a 79-year-old architect in New York who designed a memorial at his former concentration camp, said.

“There’s a real problem growing.”

and notices his refuge State has fallen victim of the far-rigth too.

At the moment we still see a lot of people closing their eyes and not willing to see what is happening. Also in the 1930ies and 1940ies lots of people wouldn’t like to see what was really going on. Too many did not want to react when they saw how certain people went in against the right of having a free expression and the right to belong whatsoever religion.

It may be so that several people do not understand what fascism is or entails, but those who know the dangers of it should let their warning voice sound. It may be true that certain politicians may just be out for themselves, like Trump is, but that populism should alert us.

Marine Le Pen (R) applauds former US President advisor Steve Bannon after his speech during the Front National party annual congress in Lille, northern France. March 10, 2018. AFP Photo / Philippe Huguen

At several places in the world we also see lots of people not afraid to make certain salutes or triumphantly raising their hand in the air reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazi salute or Sieg Heil or Heil and sieg (heill ok sæll = Heil og sæl).

Last month Mark Rowley, the former head of national counter-terror policing, warned that the

“right-wing terrorist threat is more significant and more challenging than the public debate gives it credit for”.

In the UK the number of suspected far-right extremists referred to the Prevent anti-radicalisation programme has increased by more than a quarter, new figures show, as the number of Islamists falls.

Of the total 6,093 people referred in the year to March 2017, 61 per cent (3,704) had raised concern about Islamist extremism, and 16 per cent (943) over far-right extremism.

More than 1,600 children under the age of 15 were flagged as a risk, as well as 1,800 between the ages of 15 and 20 – the largest age group represented.

The overall figure is a decrease on the 7,631 people referred to Prevent in the 2015/16 financial year, when 65 per cent (4,997) were suspected of Islamist extremism and 10 per cent (759) of right-wing extremism.

Assistant commissioner Neil Basu told The Independent that the tempo of terror plots remains high, while appealing for public vigilance.

“It is possible for attacks to get through, and we’ve seen that in the speed people are radicalised, the speed of which they plan and the speed they commit the crime,”

he added.

“It’s becoming harder to stop these things.”

The fundamental difference between Vlaams Blok / Vlaams Belang and other parties may be that Vlaams Belang wants to emit people from our society. They openly say that they want to ‘purify’ society, reduce the existing diversity to its ‘own people’. That is the program that Vlaams Belang tries to achieve by all means, but it is also in the back of the mind of some other parties which do not express it openly but create laws which excludes certain other religious people. With democratic means if possible, but usually supplemented with intimidation and violence Vlaams Belang and sympatising political parties (a.o. N-VA). It can not be ruled out that ultimately open terror and state violence could be used.

According Vlaams Belang there is a ghost flying through Europe – the specter of so-called populism. they are also aware that everywhere voters rebel against the establishment. For them and N-VA the population suffers from mass immigration, globalization and political correctness. They do not get a hearing from the political, socio-economic and cultural elites. The common man and woman feel betrayed by these elites. Hence the rise of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, Marine Le Pen in France and Frauke Petry in Germany.

In Flanders we can hear about the excitement to get the immigrants out and to get those religious actions away and done with. The movement Vlaams Belang does everything to put Muslims and religious books other than their Catholic Bible in a bad light by telling lots of lies what would supposedly be written in those books and how such religious rites would take place.

In the Netherlands, Belgium and France we see a growing tendency to have an antipathetic feeling for other religious people than Roman Catholics and other Trinitarian Christians. Many lies are being told about non-trinitarian Christians, Jews and Muslims, so that more and more people look at them with a bad eye.

Democracy, human rights and rule of law are meant to be sacrosanct in our regions but for sure they are under serious threat.


Please continue to read:

Number of suspected far-right extremists referred to government’s Prevent programme increases by more than a quarter, figures show

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