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Letting others know about the wedding invitation

Jehovah referred to himself as being like a husband to that ancient nation but also spoke about the marriage of His only begotten son Jeshua, His greatest servant He allowed to speak in His Name. That sent one from God came to invite God’s People but offered others also the opportunity to come o the party. Many did not want to listen to this man. Several wished him even death.

Even though we have a standing invitation to eat at “the table of Jehovah,” we must never take that invitation for granted. (1 Cor. 10:21) Jehovah considers such occasions for worship and mutual encouragement so important that He inspired the apostle Paul to urge us not to forsake our meeting together. (Heb. 10:24, 25)

Would we be showing respect for Jehovah if we just take it for granted to receive an invitation to the wedding banquet for His son’s wedding but would come not to the table?

We should be pleased that we are invited at the table and should show our thankfulness.

Being invited by God to the table of His only begotten son, we as partakers of that union, should be so happy that we can be partakers of that “Body of Christ” that we should be heralds of that Good News of this marriage and of that Kingdom of God.

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