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Responding to Wedding invitation

Find exquisite delight in the King Jehovah (Ps. 37:4) Who invited now not only His setApart or holy people, but also the other people, goyim or heathen ro even non-religious peple, who are willing to change direction.

God has sent His only begotten son to the peoples, so that all of them could hear the heralding of the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God. From the public life of that son of man, who is the son of God (Jeshua or Jesus Christ) onwards he brought forwards the Words of his heavenly Father and made it clear that everyone was welcome to come close to his heavenly Father, the Only One True God, The God of Israel, but also the God of all nations, the God above all gods, King above all kings.

This King Jehovah His invitation is for all, but not unlimited in time. When the doors shall come to be closed, no latecomer shall be allowed to enter anymore.

Those in time for the wedding banquet shall find a great feast and the beginning of a new world.

In that new world, those who reacted positively will derive the greatest pleasure from having their spiritual need filled. (Matt. 5:3) Spiritual activities will be their highest priority, and they will demonstrate that they are finding exquisite delight in Jehovah.

By giving spiritual things priority now, we are preparing for the real life in the future. (Matt. 6:19-21)

How can we increase our joy in theocratic activities? One way is by setting spiritual goals. If you are young and are giving serious consideration to a career in Jehovah’s service, why not review some of the material that has been published about various avenues of the full-time ministry and set one of these as a goal?

You might talk with some who have spent many years in the full-time service. By making the ministry your career, you are preparing for continued service to God in the new world, where your theocratic training and experience will be of great value.

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