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To come close to God we have to want to “see” Him

The Elohim Hashem is an eternal Spirit Being no man can see.

But in a way we can get some very good picture of Him. By reading the Scriptures we can get an insight how god thinks, works or acts and how we can come closer to Him.

Parsha Rabbi Wisnefsky, speaking in the style of the Rebbe, notes that

“Parshat Va’eira encompasses the first seven of the ten plagues, the cataclysms G-d utilized to demonstrate to the Jews, the Egyptians, and the whole world that HE is the sole master over creation and all its forces.

In this context, the term “Va’eira” (And I appeared) is quite applicable to the content of the Parshah:

G-d comes out of hiding, as it were, and manifests HIS supernatural, miraculous power before all humanity.”

Later paraphrasing this section Rabbi Wisnefsky continues,

“Thus G-d told Moses:

“Of course you believe in ME. You have absorbed the teaching of your family and do not doubt ME. But you must nurture your faith further, until it becomes so concrete that you virtually see ME in creation– that you are so sure of My reality that nothing can sway your conviction of it. Then you will not be troubled by the contradiction between your faith and what your intellect tells you.”

The Haftarah: our G-d will be known!

The Haftarah for Parshat Va’eira is found in the Prophet Ezekiel 28:25-29:21. It opens with the ingathering of Israel openly and publicly, follows with the humiliation of Egypt and their subsequent return but to a lowly estate. It ends by stating that the glory of Israel will re-emerge and the Eternal God, Al-mighty G-d will be known.

Really see HIM!!

Have we recognized our G-d’s existence?
Not just lip service to our forefathers’ beliefs?
Have we recognized that HE is fully capable to provide whatever is needed?
Are we being part of that Divine solution as Black Power Advocate Eldridge Cleaver coined it long ago (“You are either part of the problem or part of the solution” he stated in 1968)?
Have we recognized that our G-d can transcend the boundaries of this world whenever and wherever HE desires?
Are we open to HIM ushering in a strong Congregation, a strong movement, a strong you? A true messianic era?
As we recognize our Sovereign’s greatness, are we also bowing under the profound humility we find in our first Messiah, Moshe ben Amram? Are we seeking to find our place, our work within our G-d’s greater plans?
May our great Sovereign bless the reading of HIS word!
> Read more about it: Parshat Va’eira: See HIM!!

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