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20th of Tevet of the year 5244

Passing of Maimonides (1204) Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, Talmudist, Halachist, physician, philosopher and communal leader, known in the Jewish world by the acronym "Rambam" and to the world at large as "Maimonides", passed away in Egypt on the 20th of Tevet in 1204 (4965). On his gravestone were inscribed the words, "From Moses to Moses,… Lees verder 20th of Tevet of the year 5244

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Voorzien van een zichtbaar teken #2 Menora gebruik

Na het historisch gebeuren van Hanukkah en menora onder de loep genomen te hebben, bekijken wij verder tradities omtrent het Hanukkah gebeuren en het gebruik van de 9-armige kandelaar of menora.

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Call to arms of the seder – remembering that you were a slave

We have to show ourselves and others that we understand the value of nuance and that we personally have come forth from Egyptian subjugation, freed by the Elohim from Egypt’s clutches