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Bereshith 4:23-26 Het geslacht van Kaïn en van Seth

Moshe geeft ons geslachtslijsten van Kaïn en Seth. In hoofdstuk 4 van het Eerste Boek krijgen we maar een fragmentarisch beeld voor Seth en het aangeven van de bloedwraak die over de aarde zou komen.

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Bereshith 5: Adam’s Descendants to Noah #3 From Seth to Kenan

Elohim had blessed the human beings He had created and allowed them to have children. That way A'dham became the father "of a son" in his own likeness, "after" his own image. We were not told this about Cain and Abel simply because the text did not wish to discuss them at length. In this chapter 5 Moses goes straight to the third son of Adam, Enosh. It is noted that from that time the people started to call upon the Name of Jehovah God.