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Purim in days of Ukrainian war

Five days after one of the most solemn days of the year, the International Holocaust Memorial Day, we had another heavy backpack to carry, that of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This year’s last month of God’s calendar brought closer to a period of more than 70 years of peace between countries in Europe. Europe did experience in the west-central part of the Balkan Peninsula, the division of Yugoslavia, but that was more of a civil war, largely confined to those parts of Yugoslavia (“Land of the South Slavs”). In 2003 it became the federated union of Serbia  and Montenegro (which further separated into its component parts in 2006) with now four other republics recognized as independent states: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, and Slovenia.

But since the Second World War, not one country had really taken up arms against another. The Post–World War II era had even the Cold War that seemed to be a thing of the past, not to return until the Russian leader Vladimir Putin thought otherwise.

The world had seen and cheered the Dissolution of the Soviet Union. But the last decade that same world had seen how there was a Man of the North who took in his position as invincible emperor of the Great Russian Empire and as chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. The deceiver and great liar mentioned in the Holy Writ who was to march from the north to the south, as a prince seemed to have emerged and assumed his role of Gog, without having to dress up, as our children would do on Purim.

North Slavs and South Slavs.png
North and South Slavs: Blue: Countries with a North Slavic-speaking majority; Brown: Countries with a South Slavic-speaking majority

In 2017 he had already found another clown to work with, though that man who would become the 45th president of the United States was part of the king of the south who would be pushed by that man from the north. This time the North Slavs are first in the sights of that former KGB leader.

Many of us had their Purim Suedah, but this time sitting around the table with our thoughts and prayers by our fellow brothers and sisters in Ukraine. This year, not like the other years, we found we could not celebrate Purim in a joyous manner, knowing that not so far from us, there is a horrible war going on.

To go along with Purim-as-usual would create a great disconnect between what is meant to be a living faith in touch with the challenges of life and the actual challenges that present themselves, despite the timing. {Purim Shpiel 5782}

Being aware that for many the war in Ukraine would not have put on hold the celebration of Purim, our community here in Belgium did not find it appropriate to make a carnival dance of joy. Austerity and modesty is more the attitude we should adopt these days. It is with sadness that we have to watch this devilish man ‘uselessly’ try to carry out his plan by all possible means, even if these are in violation of international warfare treaties. We can see that he repeatedly uses unauthorised weapons and even has children’s homes and hospitals bombed.

We must also stand by helplessly as much suffering is caused to the inhabitants of Ukraine, who may feel that Europe is abandoning them because NATO has not secured a no-fly zone over Ukraine. In the meantime, a humanitarian catastrophe is taking place not so far from our country.

The only thing we had to do now was to make our Purim obligations benefit the Ukrainians. We can send some of our mishloach manot budget to organisations who provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. With financial and material support for the Ukrainians, we can provide much-needed assistance, while world leaders continue to palaver over solutions to prevent this war from turning disastrous.

Fortunately, some women and their children have managed to escape the horror and have sought refuge in these countries via Poland or Hungary, or have fled from there to other European countries.

This is the stark reality that many of the Jewish refugees who have managed to cross the border know. And the unfortunate ones, who for whatever reasons are still in Ukraine, sheltering in basements, or fighting to defend their country also know this all too well.

The rejoicing in Shushan and the lands of Ahasuerus did not occur until after victory was procured for the Jewish people, who were previously threatened by the evil designs of Haman. {Purim Shpiel 5782}

Each one of us is only a tiny fraction, but if we act together, we will be able to do something to alleviate the suffering of those many refugees.

The Coffee Shop Rabbi also writes:

I do not kid myself that my little donations will make for a happy Purim in Kyiv. I am not so grandiose as to think that it will make a big difference. The little difference I make in the situation will be multiplied by all the other people sending money to help. The big difference will be in me: I will not succumb to despair. I will teach myself, again, that what matters is how I react. What matters is that I will bring a tiny bit of joy into this world by an act of will.  {Holy moly! It’s Adar Bet.}

Wherever we may be on this earth, let us be united in our thoughts and send our prayers to the Elohim, asking Him to assist those who are not fighting in that war zone, to offer them the necessary comfort and strength.

Let us pray for the safety of our Jewish and Jeshuaist brethren in Ukraine along with all people in the affected areas.



We pray to You Almighty for a peaceful resolution to this conflict.
We pray that the people affected have the strength and resources
to make it through this trying time.

And most of all,
we pray for the day
when “nations will beat their swords into plowshares … and not learn war anymore.”





Looking at 13 Adar until 16 Adar 5781 February 25-28 2021


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