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In Moldova, Ukrainian Jewish refugees anxiously wait out the war in synagogues and Jewish centers

In the days since Russia invaded Ukraine, over one million people have become refugees, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Around 100,000 have already ended up in Moldova, Europe’s poorest country, which borders Ukraine to the south.

Among those leaving Ukraine are thousands of Jews, and many have sought the help of the Jewish community in Moldova. Local Jews say that they have seen thousands of Ukrainian Jews pass through seeking help, shelter and advice as they plan their next moves. Many thousands more are expected, as around 15,000 Ukrainians stream in each day.

It seemed ridiculous to think that Russia would decide to invade Ukraine

Moldova, not a member of NATO nor the European Union, is the most fragile of Ukraine’s western neighbours, with an under-equipped healthcare system that was battered by the COVID-19 pandemic. But since the fighting started in Ukraine, Moldovan society has mobilised to support the influx of Ukrainians.

Ukrainian refugees.
Ukrainian refugees are seen in the Agudath Israel synagogue Chisinau, Moldova, which also houses a local chapter of the United Hatzalah volunteer ambulance group, March 3, 2022. A Ukrainian flag is hung on the mehitzah, a wall separating men and women worshippers during services. (Jacob Judah)
Ukrainian refugees.
Ukrainian refugees enjoy a meal at the Agudath Israel synagogue in Chisinau, Moldova, March 3, 2022. (Jacob Judah)

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