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A Man from the North and The rushing of nations

On the 24th of February the Man from the North who thinks he is god and may do everything he wants to enlarge ‘his kingdom’, called his invasion of Ukraine a ‘peace mission‘, though he took care thousands of innocent civilians could be killed.

In a time of economic and political collapse Vladimir Putin, with his years of KGB training got to know very well the tricks of the trade, how to deceive people and keep them in line when he got the power of Russia, which he plans to make great again.

When he was in power he made good friends with the oligarchs who could make a lot of money. With the aid of them, he slowly could stabilise the economy and gradually stabilised the domestic political scene. From his early years of training and knowing very well the Soviet dictator tricks, he also put on his dictator coat and as an authoritarian thug he jailed, tortured and killed his political opponents.

Like a wolf in a lamb’s tail, Putin knows how to deceive several countries like no other and even spawned Israel a few months ago, leaving no one to suspect how he has set his sights on that too.

The 11-billion dollar Nord Stream 2 pipeline linking Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea is completed and ready to start operation, but Europe faces now a dilemma, either cutting all ties with Russia and shutting down the gas line or continuing using Russian gas.

Israel does not mind acting as a central gas exporter in the Middle East, now the war in Ukraine have led to discussion about alternatives to Russia’s gas exports. While it is already supplying gas to Jordan and Egypt, if the right steps are taken, Israel has the potential to become a natural gas source for Europe, as well.

Dr. Alexander Coman, from the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University sees a brilliant opportunity for Israel: in its current position, Europe would do much to find alternative sources to its fuel supply needs.

“One of the ways is an alternative pipeline that will bring gas – or perhaps electricity – from Egypt, Israel and [perhaps] Saudi Arabia to Europe, through Cyprus,”

he said.

Such help for Europe from Israel may well be another facet for Putin to work out his attack plan on Israel. From Scriptures we do know that Gog will have a machashevet ra’ah (an evil plan) and come down to take a spoil from the land where so many went to feel safe in their own sacred eretz. That spoil could well be gas.

Eze 38:10-12 OJB Thus saith Adonoi Hashem; It shall also come to pass, that on that day thoughts will arise into thy mind, and thou shalt devise a machashevet ra’ah (an evil plan); (11) And thou shalt say, I will go up and invade eretz of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell securely, all of them dwelling without chomot (walls), and having neither bars nor gates, (12) To take a plunder, and to take a booty; to turn thine yad upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are regathered out of the Goyim, which have gotten mikneh (livestock) and goods, that dwell in the midst of ha’aretz.

We can see that “The latter years” may be at hand. The Scriptures tell us that at the end of this age Israel is “brought back,” restored, and is dwelling “safely”).

Since the beginning of Russia’s military involvement in Syria, Israel has been walking on thin ice, trying to balance its own security needs with the necessity of making nice with the Russians who now controlled the Syrian skies. Russia is already involved in the wars in the neighbouring countries. Possibly Damascus will fall. Though, the Iran deal will be a treacherous deal according to Isaiah 21. Israel might act against Iran and Iran could activate its proxy armies around Israel.

In Scriptures, we get to find that the King of the South (UK) shall “push” the King of the North. The push and the pull are both required to bring Russia down. Because we do know there shall be the one who wants to get everything and would not mind plundering in the world, robbing from many, but in particular from God’s People in a time that the nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters.

Isa 17:12-14 OJB Oy to the multitude of amim rabbim, which make an uproar like the roaring of the seas; and to the uproar of nations, that make a roar like the roar of mighty waters. (13) The nations shall roar like the roaring of mayim rabbim; but He shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the motz (chaff) of the harim before the ruach, and like whirling dust before the storm. (14) And hinei at erev, terror; and before boker, he [that terrorizes] is no more. This is the chelek of them that loot us, and the goral (lot) of them that plunder us.

Bible in the news on “The Tragedy in Ukraine, a Precursor to the Invasion of Israel” writes about Ezekiel 38:12

12 To take a spoil, and to take a prey;

What exactly this spoil is has been discussed extensively throughout the years, while little discussion has been focused on what the “prey” in this verse is. But I believe we are told within this very verse what both the “spoil” and the “prey” are; for it is says, “to take a spoil, and to take a prey;” – and how will they do this? – by turning their hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations. The desolate places are the spoil, the holy land and the holy places, and the prey are those who have been gathered out of the nations, the people of Israel.

In Joel 3 we read “prepare war” – the Hebrew here is to “sanctify war” or “to make a holy war”. The war against Israel will not be purely an economic war, it will be a religious war, a holy war against God’s people.

God will plead with Gog’s confederacy for parting his land, and in Zech 14:1 we read that at the time when all nations are gathered against Jerusalem to battle the spoil will be “divided in the midst of thee” – and here for “divided” is the same word used for parting God’s land in Joel 3.

When we look at the things that God pleads with the nations for, we can certainly link some of them to events that are already in the past, especially when we think of the time when the Roman Empire scatted the Jewish People throughout the world.  But just as Gog will be the standing up of the entire image of Daniel 2, I would suggest that Gog will also be the manifestation of these things done against God’s people, for he will all of these ancient empires into one, and come against Israel.

And so as we see Russia pushing to build up that image empire, Putin himself, actually stating that he wants to do so because they are the people of the Rus, the people of Rosh, who he wishes to unite. We know from prophecy that the Rosh will lead the confederacy that come against God’s people. And so as we see these things, as tragic as they are, let us remain hopeful, because they are sure signs of the times, pointing towards to time when the world will be in peace, when men shall beat swords into ploughshares and spears into pruning hooks, and men shall learn war no more.



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