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To know the power of verses of Psalms

It is our custom to begin the civic year with a.o. the reading of the Psalms. It is a book with so many treasures, songs, meditations, praises to God but also a lot of guidance for any soul in difficulties or hoping to come closer under the Wings of God.

We may not forget:

If you only knew the power of verses of Psalms
and their effect in the highest Heavens,
you would recite them constantly.
Know that the chapters of Psalms shatter all barriers,
they ascend higher and still higher with no interference;
they prostrate themselves in supplication before the Master of all worlds,
and they effect and accomplish with kindness and compassion.

– Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch (“Tzemach Tzeddek, 1789-1866)

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