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Is it possible to be a Jew for Christ

Who may be or can be  a Jew

For Jews there might be already a lot of difficulty concerning the right to use the title of being a Jew.

According to our tradition we consider a Jehudi or Jew the one who comes forth from a Jewish mother, but with an opening to those who confess that they worship the Only One True God of Israel and have gone through the formal process of conversion to Judaism according to halachah (Jewish law). Though today there are also many Jews who are convinced that being a Jew has nothing to do with what a person believes or what he does and as such a Jew might be a non-believer in God or belonging to all sorts of non-faith related groups or cults. Strangely enough as soon as that Jew becomes a member of an other faithgroup lots of Jews start telling them they can not be a Jew any more. As such it seems the secular Jew is better off than a Jew who accepts that the Moshiach or Messiah has already come to earth.

A person born to non-Jewish parents who has not undergone the formal process of conversion but who believes everything that Orthodox Jews believe and observes every law and custom of Judaism is still a non-Jew, even in the eyes of the most liberal movements of Judaism, and a person born to a Jewish mother who is an atheist and never practices the Jewish religion is still a Jew, even in the eyes of the ultra-Orthodox. You could say that in this sense, Judaism is more like a matter of birthright and nationality than like other religions, and being Jewish is like a citizenship.

The Bnei Yisroel – Israel People of God

Throughout the Tanakh, we find Jews breaking every facet of their covenant with the Most High Elohim, joining and forming all sorts of idolatrous cults and heathen practices. Yet when the prophets chide them, they are called

“My people, Israel.”

this might indicate that whatever might happen, whatever they might do they always shall be part of the Bnei Yisroel or the Chosen people. this is a very important matter lots of Jews sometimes seem to forget or only seem to agree with as long as the Jew does not come to follow Jeshua as the Messiah.

Also in the Talmud and in the Book of Joshua we find a notorious character named Achan, a member of the tribe of Judah, who had broken the ḥerem by not devoting everything taken from the fall of Jericho to Jehovah. Because he had thus sinned in keeping an ingot of gold, a quantity of silver, and a “beautiful Babylonian garment” from Jericho, Achan, his family, and all of his household goods were destroyed and a mound of stones was heaped upon them. Though the Talmud points out that nevertheless Achan is considered “Israel,” and remarks,

“Israel, although he has sinned, is still Israel.”

The choice of precedent is poignant and the wording laden with subtle meaning: Achan has broken

“My covenant that I have commanded them”

— interpreted by the Talmud to mean not only one detail, but the entire covenant of Torah. Yet he remains not only a Jew, but “Israel” — the entirety of the Jewish People in a single individual.

Each Jew a member of the covenant of Abraham

As such we are convinced that a Jew who comes to believe that Jeshua is the long awaited Messiah, and wants to become a follower of that rebbe, still stays a Jew. Therefore that true follower of the Jewish rebbe Jeshua has all the good reason to claim he or she is a Jew and at the same time to be a Jeshuaist (i.e. a follower of Jeshua).

Jewishness is inherited regardless of your parents’ conduct — just as citizenship is inherited. This means when you were an atheist but now come to believe in Jeshua and his God you shall be accepted as a worthy Jew and follower of Jeshua, or being a Jeshuaist, as long as you do not worship other gods than the Elohim Hashem Jehovah and do not contribute to heathen festivals. The Jewish people are unique in that they are a people who were formed by a series of covenants even before they had a land. When a Jewish person now wants to accept those covenants and want to keep to the Laws of God he or she can become a worthy follower of the Jewish Nazarene Jeshua and as such be a Jew for Christ.

An established form of alliance was applied in a radical, original way to create a people with a destiny. The seed of Abraham may count on it that the God of Abraham keeps His promise. Not one person of the Tribe of Israel shall be forgotten by the Most High God. He shall welcome them all as His People, His children. Though many may have gone away from Him when they want to return to Him He shall welcome them with open arms, like a loving Father would welcome his rebellious prodigal son.

Those who might be

“strangers in a land not their own”

should not consider themselves as lost or because they would not be a Zionist should not despair. Even when you would live in a land where you would be enslaved and oppressed there is given hope for you and every child of God. The covenant the Most High Elohim made with Abraham added that the land He had promised him would be an eternal holding of Abraham’s offspring. An “eternal holding” implies that it would belong to them even if they would temporarily be exiled.

Therefore it does not matter where you live now, even living in Europe, Africa or America or Australia, you can be a Jew with the right to come to live in God’s Kingdom here on earth, with Jerusalem as capital of that Kingdom.
Each Jew is a member of the covenant of Abraham and should know that God is not a man that He should change His mind, therefore the Jew who goes for Christ is as Christ Jesus himself a child of God belonging to the members or citizens of Israel. Jesus is even going to be the King of that Holy Land Israel.

Each human being has free choice and the difficulty in life is that each individual is himself or herself responsible for the choice he or she makes. Every descendant of Abraham had free choice to keep to the covenant and count himself among Abraham’s descendants, or opt out and join some other nation. But joining followers of Jeshua does not mean one does not be part of the Nation Israel. Just the opposite, it means one strongly believes the Nation of Israel shall become a reality, whatever man may do against it becoming a great State. As Jeshuaist or follower of Jeshua one is a believer in Jeshua becoming or being the King of God’s promised Kingdom.

The Jew who chooses to follow the Nazarene Jew Jeshua, better known by many as Jesus Christ

A Jew who chooses to follow the teachings of the Jewish rebbe Jeshua always can stay and be a Jew (like Jesus and his disciples also were Jews) and no one should insist they should have to give up their Jewish connection nor their Jewish traditions. The only thing is that as a Jew they too become liberated by the ransom of Jeshua and are offered to the choice how they want to give their life to Jeshua, Christ Jesus.

Each Jew should be aware of the fact that at Mount Sinai, every Jew was chosen by God for an all-encompassing mission. To be chosen means be entrusted with a role, a task, a mission that is greater than your own small self as an individual. Chosenness means to have both meaning and destiny. Rebbe Jeshua also asked his followers to be aware of the Call of God and warned them not trying to escape the role extrapolated for them.

By willing to follow Christ a person indicates he or she wants to be a disciple of him, following his teachings, which can be found in the Messianic Scriptures. God does not show favouritism but accepts men and women from every nation who fear [honour] Him and do what is right. You know the message God sent to the people of Israel, telling the good news of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all. Jews as People of God also received the task to tell others about the Wonders of the Most High and about the promise of the Holy Land and the possibility to have peace all over the earth.

The Jew accepting Jeshua as the Kristos or Christ, the Anointed of God or Messiah

If you are a Jew who wants to know more about your position when you would accept Jeshua as your saviour, then we can advice you to visit the website: “Jeshuaists for Jehovah” where is explained how and why a Jew also can be for Jehovah but also for Christ.

When being a Jew and having come to see that the Nazarene Jewish rebbe is the sent one from God, who is the long awaited Messiah, let nobody hold you back to come to follow his teachings and to become a Jew for him or “a Jew for Christ“.

When looking at the Nazarene master teacher one can wonder if what he preached would be for Jews or for non-Jews. People should know it was for both, Jews and goyim or gentiles, but especially for non-believers a call to come to God.
That is the marvellous thing, though Jews have the honour to be automatically counted as children of God, the Most High Elohim, after having had enough patience with His People, extended his invitation to be a child at His home to people who originally did not belong or do not belong to the People of God or Israel.

An invitation to join God’s People

Today every human being can and should hear the invitation of the Most High Elohim. Wherever you live or reside, whatever colour you may have, whatever language you may speak, you too are invited by the Most High to become a member of His Household.

The Household of Christ is the way or the manner to become a partaker of the Body of Christ and as such to be able to enter the narrow gate to the Kingdom of Christ and to the Kingdom of God.

Today every human being is given the opportunity  to become a member of the Household of God and to be united with the people of God, the Jews. Time has come that also more Jews should come to see and accepted that they are not the only ones who shall be able to enter the Holy Land. Jews should also come to see that the Elohim has provided a way for all people to come closer to Him. When as a Jew you want to come even closer than you are already, you should know Jeshua is the way to do it. That rebbe never asked his talmidim nor his other followers to deny their Jewishness or to abandon their Jewish faith.

Jews following Jeshua not denying Jewish faith in One God

It is totally wrong to think that a Jew should deny his faith. Going for Christ Jesus is showing the world that one is prepared to be a believer and follower of the Christ, the Nazarene Jewish rebbe Jeshua, the sent one of God. Having faith in him does not mean one would not have any faith any more in the previous prophets or that one would come to believe in that false human doctrine of the Trinity. As a Jew following Jeshua, Jesus Christ, (the Jeshuaist or follower of Jeshua or Jesus) keeps truthful and faithful to the same God Jeshua worshipped, namely the God of Israel who is One (and not two or three) and Who is an unseen eternal All knowing Spirit Being.

As Jew a follower of Jeshua or Jeshuaist stays part of the Mine Bechir or Chosen ones. No man can take away their position as chosen people, not even other Jews.

Though it is true several goyim or non-Jews may join and have already joined our community of religious brothers and sisters who feel they are part of the Body of Christ, but that does not have to mean that the Jews in that community would not be any Jews any-more.

As seen in the above text, Jewishness is about neither religion nor race, but about a Covenant People, a promise and arrangement made centuries ago.  Unlike a race, you can get in, but unlike religion, once you’re in you can’t get out. As with Achan, once you are a part of this people, you are the entire people. As Israel is eternal, so your bond with them is irreversible, unbreakable and eternal.


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