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A convinced voice to debunk false allegations

When looking at the internet we see in it a very handy tool but also can find a very dangerous tool spreading lots of fake news and spreading false accusations.

It is a well-known fact that in Christendom there are some Christians who say the Jews killed Jesus and should be punished for this. Today we do find a lot of such extreme hateful voices in the United States of America, but in West and East Europe voices against Jews are also raising.

But not only Jews are under attack in the so called ‘Christian world‘. Lots of Christians do hate the persons who do not want to take Jesus as their god. For Jews it is evident that Jesus never can be The God, but with Christians there is a lot of discussion or debate concerning the position of Jesus, of which many Christians even do not want to accept that he would have been a Jew. Several Christians claiming that Jesus was a Christian and opposed the Jews.

In the world of Christendom the majority loves to worship a Trinity, but we may not forget that there are enough real Christians who really do their utmost best to keep to the same God as the God Jesus Christ worshipped, namely the God of Abraham, though not many Trinitarians want to accept that Eternal Singular Supreme Spirit Being Who is the God of Israel. Therefore they like to break off and pressure such believers down by spreading false allegations on the internet.
On that world wide web we can find loads of sites who bow down over the non-Trinitarians to ridicule them. They find pleasure in finding enough ex-members of such religious groups to give them their say so that as much negative news can be spread.

We must know that by every religious group there can be found apostates or members who have turned their backs on the religious community. Be it in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Shamanism or any other spiritual community. Always shall you be able to find some people saying pro’s but also contras for or against one or another group.

There are people who seem to find pleasure in spreading untruths about groups so that they can avoid people even becoming interested in such or similar groups. 2017 seemed to be the capital year of fake news on all fronts, though it looked like there was already a propaganda war going on since 2014/2015.

Coming closer to the end-times we can see that more people get agitated about those who love God. This should not surprise us, because it is one of the many signs notated in Scriptures to mankind, so that people would know when the time would be at hand. The Bible warns us for the increase of division and hatred amongst people, but does not say we should have to let it happen without reacting.

Therefore the Belgian Bible students have taken up the Sword of God, willing to go fight the spiritual battle against the adversary of God who feels that he becomes more enclosed and as such gets more aggressive.

The Belgian Bible Students do find it time to react against those who use words, gestures, images, or other products of expression to evoke laughter or contemptuous feelings regarding worshippers of the Only One True God, be it Jews, Jeshuaists or Messianic Jews, real Christians or Non-Trinitarians or Muslims. There are too many who like to mock, taunt or deride such groups and who have no ethic values are honesty about spreading many untruths (falsifications), speaking or writing  evasively (with prevarication), about those religious people who love God and only want to worship That Only One True God.

To expose those falsehood of people who call themselves Christian the site is not only going to look at those particular groups individually, but is also shedding light onto the Biblical sayings and what they are claiming what the bible would say according to their faith or better according to their theologians.

Wanting to show the world why and how the Non-Trinitarians would not be so far from truth the site shall first offer an insight about the credibility of the Holy or set apart Scriptures, which they and we take to be the infallible Word of God. For this reason it shall look at the Bible a a library of books man can trust, in which man might find a background book for debate. Considering the Bible to be a Book of Truth the site aiming at unmasking those who are against us and other true believers of the One God it shall try to show how we are all part of the Creation and how believer as unbeliever we all are a creation of the Divine Creator Who is Cause of Being and Truth.

The site with the title Unmasking anti Jehovah sites and people has the intention to showing pepole that there is only One True God and that He Himself offered the Right Way to That God of gods. To show the purpose of the God of order the site shall regularly try to show how man can find Words directed to create order Which are given by that True God and true words.

Many of the adversaries of God love to ad human theories because they think the Word of God cannot be clear for people who have not done special studies to understand the Word of God, as if God would withhold some information or knowledge to the unlettered. They shall show how the Heavenly Father is not withholding knowledge, but is willing that everybody comes to know that the Father of the universe wants His creatures to know Him.

Sharing God’s Word and showing what the Plan of God is, the site shall show how in our world we can find many signs of the existence of God and how God used and guided people to make Him known to mankind. They shall show how archaeology would be confirming or denying claims of the Bible. They also have the intention to show people how the Bible is the Real Source to educate us and able to give all answers.

By offering additional reading to its readers it hopes to show that there are many more people who did find a community willing to honour and worship that only one God. Presenting and showing the world that there are many more groups which have other attitudes than those adversaries want the world to believe, they want to give the people the opportunity to compare for themselves by presenting the false sayings of the different groups working against the variety of Non-Trinitarian groups.

One of the many anti-unitarian websites telling a lot of nonsense about many other Christian denominations the author Dave Norris clearly has a grudge against

Already soon after the opening of the site several anti-Unitarian groups reacted and showed clearly how they do  not have enough knowledge about the working of such groups like the Christadelphians or other non-trinitarian denominations. One person (Dave Norris) with his site Exposing Christian Error first even thought one Christadelphian was a Mormon and later showed how he does not have any clue about the position of the founder of the Christadelphians and how he is not considered a prophet by the Brethren in Christ as well not some one of whom all his writings should be taken as to be so and to be followed. It are such people not knowing the essence of such Non-Trinitarian groups which present a lot of rubbish or sell a lot of Heresy about Unitarian groups on their sites but have a lot of popularity by their extensive fantasies about groups that they do not like. Those who resent unitarians love it to spend most of their time going in against the many groups who try to spread the Word of God, wiling to bring Good News instead of their bad news.

Hoping that several Non-Trinitarian groups and individuals shall dare to come in the open and shall let them be known, we can only hope the initiative of the Belgian Bible Students shall succeed and shall give people more strength to dare to look for the Biblical Truth and to look for a denomination around their habitat where they can find like-minded people willing to serve God.


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