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This fighting world, Zionism and Israel #3

Attempt to conflate strong criticism of Israeli state policies with anti-Semitism is wrong and undermines the fight both against anti-Semitism and for justice for the Palestinians.

The Midwest Regional Director for the American Friends Service Committee and the rabbi of Tzedek Chicago,  a congregational rabbi at Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, as Shalom Rav looks at Rabbi Jill Jacobs’ recent Washington Post op-ed, “How to tell when criticism of Israel is actually anti-Semitism,” and finds himself frankly disappointed to witness how warmly it has been received in progressive Jewish circles.

Jill Jacobs in her writing avoided any judgement of Israel’s mass killings,

choosing instead to discuss the “rhetorical battle” between Israel advocates and pro-Palestinians activists, analyzing in detail when antisemitism “masquerades as criticism of Israel.”

I’m not sure that Jacobs has added anything new to this particular conversation, which has been explored extensively over the past several decades. I personally disagree strongly with several of her specific points and perhaps in a future post I’ll discuss them in greater detail.

do we find on Unacceptable and Inhumane: A Response to Rabbi Jill Jacobs by Shalom Rav a Blog by Rabbi Brant Rosen.

For now, however, I’m far more troubled that given the outrages of the past few months, the leader of a rabbinical organization committed to human rights is more concerned about the rhetoric of Israel-criticism than Israel’s choice to kill and maim scores of nonviolent protesters with live gunfire. {Unacceptable and Inhumane: A Response to Rabbi Jill Jacobs}

Brant Rosen remarks

while Jacobs dedicated an entire section of her analysis to “Dismissing the humanity of Israelis,” nowhere did she stop to consider the humanity of the Palestinian people, except to ask when their rhetoric might be considered antisemitic. She made a particular point of singling out Palestinian academic/activist Steven Salaita by name as an antisemite with the flimsiest of evidence – knowing full well the damaging stigma of such an epithet. (I strongly commend Salaita’s eloquent response to Jacobs, in which he addresses her destructive “tone-policing of Palestinians” in the face of their “exclusion and privation.”) {Unacceptable and Inhumane: A Response to Rabbi Jill Jacobs}

People living outside Palestine and Israel should see those caught behind walls as real, living breathing human beings rather than either incorrigible terrorists or unthinking puppets of Hamas.

My friend and colleague Jehad Abusalim, a Gazan who currently works in the Chicago office of the AFSC wrote powerfully about this phenomenon in a recent article for Vox.

Rosen finds

It’s not uncommon for liberal Zionists to fortify their moral position by stating they are equally criticized by the left and the right. But in the end, this studious avoidance to name oppression out loud only strengthens the “moral claims” of the oppressor.

Our world may not ignore the arbitrary and cruel exercise of power of one certain nation, whatever their religion may be or not be. Nearly every day we see the

offense, committed by a public official, of wrongfully inflicting injury, such as bodily harm or imprisonment, upon another individual under color of office.

Each day in the media we hear and see oppression taking place in the Middle East, which is a misdemeanour, committed through many acts of cruelty, severity, unlawful exaction, and excessive use of authority.

David Icke, 7 June 2013 (1), cropped.jpg
David Vaughan Icke, English writer, public speaker, former footballer and sports broadcaster known since the 1990s as a professional conspiracy theorist

It is not because they want the establishment of a Jewish homeland that some Jewish groups may use their aim to oppress others.
True Torah Jews and Neturei Karta believe Zionism is a bastardization of Judaism. The  professional conspiracy theorist David Icke has done tremendous research on Zionism over the years,

and he coined the term Rothschild Zionism to make it abundantly clear who is behind Zionism – the Rothschilds, the key NWO family who started the modern international banking scam that entraps people to this day. The Rothschilds funded Zionism, were the recipients of the Balfour Declaration and essentially own Israel. {Zionism vs Islam – Which is More Dangerous?}

Some even might find that Zionism functions as a secret society.

According to Makia Freeman

It dominates the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada and other Western powers, and has even infiltrated the UN to some degree. It has a nefarious history to say the least. It has been behind many key political events, assassinations and false flag operations of the last 50 years. The article How Israel Out-Foxed US Presidents does a great job of summarizing how Zionism has influenced and controlled US presidents ever since the inception of Israel in 1948. {Zionism vs Islam – Which is More Dangerous?}



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