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This fighting world, Zionism and Israel #1

These days, being part of the days coming closer to the end times, we may see a lot of signs written about in the Messianic Writings.

An American president thinking it is up to him to decide which city is to be the capital of Israel might want to play for God, but the world should know that is not his talk to decide what is going to be the capital of Israel nor that he can play for God.

Greg Laurie remarks

Have you ever noticed there are some people who like to fight? They like to argue, and they are unhappy when they are happy. So they find something to get worked up about, something new to debate. They love conflict. It’s a sad way to live. {Unity, Liberty, and Charity}

The apostle Paul said that God’s teaching is not in chains (2 Timothy 2:9) but we can see many religious groups that have imprisoned those words provided by God to alter them to their good findings and human traditions.

Those who are empowered by the grace that is in Jeshua, the Anointed One, have the Scriptures to show us the way but also to make it clear what we may expect when the Times are coming.

Our eyes have to go open and see a world filled with narcissistic, money-grubbing, pretentious, arrogant, and abusive people. The apostle Paul has given us a warning, that in those end times people will rebel against their parents and will be ungrateful, unholy, uncaring, cold-hearted, accusing, without restraint, savage, and haters of anything good. (2 Timothy 3:2-3) We are also told that we may expect them to be treacherous, reckless, swollen with self-importance, and given to loving pleasure more than they love God. (2 Timothy 3:4)

Looking at the Jews governing in Israel and at several church people there and all over the world, we may perhaps see people that may look or act like godly people, but should know they’re not. They deny The Most High Elohim His power. Paul (or Saul) tells us:

Don’t be taken in by people like that. {2 Timothy 3:5}

We should know that we better stay away from the likes of these, because they’re like the nachash or snakes slithering into the houses of vulnerable women, able to capture them because these women are weak and easily swayed by their desires, teaching them other doctrines than the Biblical ones. (2 Timothy 3:6)

We may never forget that ungodly people always shall defy the truth. Their minds are corrupt, and their faith shall be absolutely worthless, not bringing them far. (2 Timothy 3:7-9)

The biggest fault a lot of Jews make when they encounter some one who is against what is happening in Israel, is that they consider that person to be against the Jewish people and to be an unbeliever, forgetting that the person being against the Jewish politics in Israel might also be a Jew himself and even be a more sincere worshipper of God than they.

Being against the politics of the present Jewish Israeli governement does not have to mean one is a anti-Semite. Problem with present Israel is that lots of people over there do forget that many places in their country are holy places for others to, like for Christians and Muslims. They seem to forget that Christians as well as Muslims have the same Bible as basic book and are stepping in the footsteps of the same patriarchs and matriarchs plus looking at the same prophets.

Jews living in Israel should remember that they may be the chosen people of God but should not exclude other creatures of God. All the discrimination and hatred against other believers is unjustified and against the Will of the Most High.
To criticise that what non-religious and fundamentalist Jews do has nothing to do with a negative stance against Jewishness nor against many other inhabitants of present Israel.

There are also Jews who would love to come to live in the promised land of God but have no intention to come to live in the present State of Israel. They also know that Jerusalem shall be the capital of a Greater Land, and look forward to that coming Kingdom of God, where many who keep to God’s commandments shall come to live in peace. The Zionist thought is not the first on their lips or on their heart, but the Mitzvoth from the Most High God are.

yorkshire-post-and-leeds-intelligencer-wednesday-16-november-1921-zionismLast year it was the 100th anniversary of the the Balfour declaration, but we still have to go a long way. At that time the Zionist grip was rapidly closing on the unhappy people of Palestine and today we still face the many captured in a ‘cave by the sea’.

If British people knew what was being done in their name they would insist on justice being done to Palestinians and Muslims there was said. Hundreds years ago they knew already that

If peace were not given to Palestine there was not the slightest doubt that should light a fire in Near East which would strain all our resources to extinguish.

Makia Freeman writes

Zionism is a massively important piece of the puzzle when it comes to understanding the forces that shape the world today. It is a fundamental part of the drive towards global governance, a One World Government or a New World Order. Yet, because of the widespread Zionist control of the MSM (Mainstream Media) and Western governments, its pervasive – and I mean pervasive – influence is cunningly cloaked. {Zionism vs Islam – Which is More Dangerous?}

People should always remember that Judaism, Messianic Judaism and Jewishness are not the same thing as Zionism.

This is one of the great misconceptions which is plaguing people’s minds across the world. {There are many Jews against Zionism.}

Says “Jews Against Zionism” and ads

Jewishness and Zionism are not the same thing. You can be a non-Jewish Zionist (people like US Vice President Joe Biden are in this category, and many, many other non-Jewish arse-licking politicians who want to advance their careers by sucking up to those in power).

You can also be anti-Zionist Jew. Judaism is a religion, while Zionism is a political ideology which dictates that Israel has some fundamental right to exist (on stolen Arab Palestinian land) just because thousands of years ago, the ancestors of modern Jews used to live in that area. Zionism is a Rothschild creation, one conceived in iniquity and born in strife. It will always cause tension and conflict as long as it is predicated on theft. {There are many Jews against Zionism.}

as long as the Jews living in those regions are not going to understand that all land belongs to the Most High elohim, and that we human beings are only tenants of this space which belongs to God and not to man. As renters we should take care of this space and respect our Landlord his Wishes and as a leaseholder should not dominate the workers on the fields.

At the moment Zionist Israel wants to rule the land without taking into account the previous history of the region, nor the religion of others in their neighbourhood. Because of that we may find this being the source of much strife in the world today – and a significant part of the global conspiracy.

Jews against Zionism

There are many Jews against Zionism around the world. Judaism or Jewishness is not the same thing as Zionism, a political ideology (and Rothschild creation) based on theft of Arab land.

In Judaism we can find lots of different sorts of Jews, also many not agreeing with what goes on in Israel today. As such we may find True Torah Jews an organization which publicly proclaim that the State of Israel Does Not represent Jews or Judaism, Neturei Karta the international group of united Jews against Zionism who believe Zionism is fundamentally heretical to the core beliefs of Judaism, and who also reject the Zionist policy of aggression against all peoples. Also the old Hasidic Dynasty, one of the largest Hasidic movements in the world, Satmar still feels that any participation in the Israeli government, even voting in elections, is a grave sin, because it contributes to the spiritual and physical destruction of innocent people. And this bullying and killing of innocent people keeps going on.

Another group calls themselves “Jews Not Zionists“, and they likewise abhor what Zionism and Israel are doing today in the Jewish name. Interestingly enough, they believe Zionism and Zionist leaders have betrayed Jews, especially around the Holocaust.

Jews Against Zionism writes

There are many, many Jews against Zionism. There is nothing anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish about exposing Israel’s crimes, ongoing genocide of the Palestinians and massive undue influence over the governments of the US, UK, France, Canada, Germany and Australia. {There are many Jews against Zionism.}

Zionism causes antisemitism. Says it all, really.

A recent problem is that many American trinitarians defend what is going on in Israeli, without looking at the terrible events that take place hurting many civilians. Instead of standing up against the brutality of the Israeli governement they seem to promote that brutality of the Zionist Israeli state. Lots of evangelicals have a hidden agenda, trying to get Jews away from their belief in Only One God. By doing so they also create an other issue to fight, namely the abandoning of the True Faith, as seen by religious Jews, non-trinitarian Christians and worse, putting oil on the fire of the Muslims who now come to see more people who do not worship the Only One True God, Allah, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah.

Makia Freeman on A Sweet Dose of Reality writes there

with the mass migration of Arabs to Europe and the ensuing migrant rape crisis (especially in Sweden and Germany), people are rightfully worried. It is troubling to hear some of these migrants boast about wanting to take over Europe and establish Sharia Law there. I wonder though – how many migrants really want to do that? After all, it’s usually the loudest and most outrageous people that get the attention. We must also remember why many of the migrants are there anyway. Is it because they want to take over Europe, because they want a better life or because the West (US, UK, France, Germany) bombed their countries with their kindhearted “humanitarian interventions” in the first place?

Concerning the so called Muslim terrorist people also should know that in the same way certain ‘Jews’ are not religious Jews we see many who fight for the Muslim cause though are not really Muslims because the do acts against their Holy Book the Quran and can be found smoking, gambling, drinking alcohol, whoring and eating pork. As Kevin Barrett writes in his article Gen. McMaster is right! There is no “radical Islamic terrorism”, none of the terrorists who commit the attacks and bombings are truly Islamic. We also should ask questions about those who undertake actions which are against the Torah, if they can be called Jew or Christian or a Lover of God.



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