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The offspring from a tortured generation finding the Word of God again

After World War II several people found there could be not a god, because how could it be that there was a loving Creator allow such terrible things.

There were also Jews who were so deeply shocked they lost trust in man and its Maker, whilst others just stayed alive and could cope with their nightmares because they trusted the Most High Elohim.

Belgian Jews gather for a holiday celebration after liberation. – Among those pictured Moshe Werber being held in the arms of Mrs. Flam. His mother, Shifra Werber, is diagonally behind him; next to her is the Hebrew teacher Faivel Blank, Abusz Werber, Fela Perelman and Israel Tabakman. Lola Pomerantz is at the back, left.

When in West Europe life started to come back on its legs and everything seemed to restore after all the destruction, youngsters at school came in contact with buddies from different denominations of Christendom but also with different Jewish groups. Some Christians could be a good example to others and could find friendship with Jews and atheists, showing the world and life is more than material and/or earthly goods.

There were some Christian families who were overjoyed when some brethren came and testified of the truth in others and how others had helped those in need in those particular times, when nobody seemed to be sure of the other and kept many secrets. On two fronts we could find people who were also happy to hear how their acquaintances kept walking in truth. Some elderly people on both fronts could perhaps say the same as the apostle John did:

3 John 1:4 The Scriptures 1998+ (4) I have no greater joy than to hear of my children walking in truth.

1948 – 1949 Group photo of the first grade class at the Tachkemoni Jewish private school in Antwerp. – Jeanine Ament, is pictured in the second row from the front, fourth from the right. The teacher is Mme Boucher.

In the 1940ies and 1950ies we still learned how to behave and how to act properly and respectfully to others. That way we we also got the example of our parents who hid certain people but also helped medically other people, which was not always appreciated by the other citizens of town and often seen as collaboration with the enemy. The ‘joke’ about it was that they did not know how much fear there sometimes was in the house for trying to do good to those who needed medical as well as spiritual help. There were 1948 – 1949 moments we had German Nazis and Jews in the same house at the same time, only our family and the Jews being aware their enemy was also in the building.

It was pressed on us to respect every human being as a creation of God, being it our friend or our enemy. As Christians we learned that we were ‘children of God‘ and should behave like that, always being an example to others. That was not always easy. Having to give our other cheek when punched in the face, was not always evident, but that was what we learned at home and had to put in practice.

“Yessodei Hatora” school, 1965. Beit Hatfutsoth, the Visual Documentation Center. Courtesy of Dafna Mor, Belgium

At school, underway, on the tram and bus we met other Christians and Jews and built up a certain relationship and bond of friendship. What we learned at home seemed very natural to put in practice on the street or in public life, acting faithfully in whatever we did for those around us but also or especially for strangers. (3 John 1:5) Today also we are hoping our parents (rest their soul) may be proud, we stepped in their footsteps for keeping an open mind for other people and other religions, but also for us being people not afraid to testify our love before Messiah’s community and for the communities that worship that same God of Abraham. Like they had send us out on our way in a manner worthy of God, we now hope the same for our children and grandchildren to be strong in these times where we notice similar things happening as in our childhood.

Those who do not need nothing from the pagans and do prefer to stay on the path God has laid in front of us, ought to support such people who keep to the Only One True God, so we might become co-workers in the truth. (3 John 1:7-8)

Today in this world were there is again much darkness, we should be trying to bring some light and should try to catch those who are searching to find the Most High Maker of all things.

Without obligations we should share the Word of God and show people in this materialistic, egocentric  and hateful world, that there is place for brotherly love and for spiritual richness and a peaceful coexistence. In this time where certain groups are trying to bring division in this cohabitation we should be examples of a fuse of religious groups, proving we can live together in peace.

Having lots of Bible translations we should try to reach all sorts of people and show them the way to God. We also should show them that they do not have to betray their family and should not shun their family members, like it is done in certain religious groups. We should show them that it is more important to appeal to other thinking persons by our example and our receptiveness.

Our susceptibility to people with an other opinion or other faith should have us not to run away from other religious groups and should not have us to retreat because we would be afraid to let others know what our religious conviction is.

All those who love God and do want to follow the Holy Scriptures should know how important it is in these dark days to stick to the Biblical Truth and not to imitate what is evil but what is good. However natural depravity, and heredity, and nervous disorders may tend toward the spirit of fretfulness, taciturnity, and touchiness, every heart filled with the Lord’s Spirit must oppose the disposition to evil in his flesh, and must wage a good warfare against it. For those who have put on a new nature or a new self, to overcome the old nature in this as well as other works of the flesh we have to show to our friends and households more than this of the power of the grace of Love. This grace as it grows should make every child of God sweet-tempered. We should always remember that the one who does good is of God; the one who does evil has not seen God. (3 John 1:11)

3 John 1:11 The Scriptures 1998+ (11) Beloved ones, do not imitate the evil, but the good. The one who is doing good is of Elohim, but he who is doing evil has not seen Elohim.1 Footnote: 1See 1 John 3:6-10.

Today we might find Jews who had family members hidden by Christians and/or even where taken in by a family which perhaps brought them to Christendom, but also to a trinitarian denomination, whilst now their children and/or grandchildren want to put away that false teaching of a Trinity. It is for those who do want to accept Jeshua as their Messiah, but now also want to be part of their original ‘family tribe’, being again Jew or belonging to the “People of God” or being a member of “Israel“, that we are offering this community of worshippers of the Only One True God, the God of Abraham, the God of Israel.

The people who find that in the period around World War II their Jewish identity was taken away and do want to restore it, we offer the possibility to be in line with the Elohim His commandments and to be able to gather with worshippers of that God of Israel who also have found the Messiah. In the world war some forced conversions took place, but we can see that such conversions are to no use and do not stand. The searching and doubting ones who are not sure if they still have to believe in Jesus, but should become (again) a Jew who does not believe the Messiah has already come, we do invite to investigate this website further and come to learn why there is a good reason to believe the Nazarene rebbe is that long promised one from God, and that every Jew but also every goy is invited to become part of that body of Christ.

Walk through Jewish quarter #Antwerp with Christians, Jews & Muslims to remember victims of Shoah @SantEgidioEU


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