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Beginning of weeks for the Feasts of deliverance

Today in our regions we can see the amount of terror to Jewish people is increasing. West Europe can see that there are still  many individuals like Haman the Agagite, who made it their objective to remove the Jewish people from this world. Our ancestors in the previous century have felt it first hand. Many could not tell us any more how they where tortured and how they had to suffer starving whilst they were mocked at. They saw the backhand of the satan. They really felt how the adversary of the Hashem still keeps governing this world.

We must know that the horror that came over the Jews and other lovers of God was not the final call. Reading the Word of the Most High we are warned that there shall even come worse times than those of the previous century. Those who love God and regularly read His Word do know that there are signs which shall be there for us to notice. In the meantime the People of God should come together and make themselves strong, showing to the outside world they fear more God than man.

Today we remember a period that the People of God were once more in danger. Mardəkī (or Mordecai) after he had reported to the proper authorities about a plot to kill the king, and it was investigated and found to be true, he could see the two conspirators hung. Immediately thereafter, one would have thought the king would have been pleased. But king Aḥašvērōš made an agreement with the evil Haman to destroy the Jewish people. Perhaps if he would know what would happen and that the one who he tried to save would go after him, he would not have done it. But as a lover of the Divine Creator he knew we always have to do the right thing.

After the enslavement of Gods People, Pharaoh trying to kill them when they fled Egypt, now they were in serious danger again. But as we see in other stories of the Scriptures, God looked at His People and saw they needed Him. For us we should look at the coming days as something what has to bring seed in our heart. From that seed a tree of faith must grow, bringing rich fruits so that others know we are blessed ones. Those stories also should inspire us and take away our fear.

Estêr was not afraid to reveal her Jewishness. When she would have remained silent her life would not have changed. She also could have ensured the protection of her uncle without speaking for the rest of the Jewish people. Today we also can stay still and hide in our houses. We can avoid further confrontation with those who do not love lovers of God. We should not fear man but should fear God. And these coming days we should remember how our God always was prepared to come close to His people and to protect His chosen ones.

Today we hear more voices saying the Holocaust did not bring so many Jews to their death and that the German Nazi’s did not such terrible acts. There are some who consider the work started last century not yet finished and that they should continue to destroy the Jews. every week we hear in the news of certain ‘accidents’ against our brethren and sisters. We cannot deny that Anti-Semitism is again becoming something that is socially acceptable to express in public. Nearly daily we can hear certain people expressing some thoughts which make us afraid.

Looking at Moshe, Aaron and Estêr we see people of flesh and blood who were not afraid to come up for their people. We also see how they dared to speak. The pharaoh did not want to get rid of the Jews but Aḥašvērōšh was quite as happy as Haman at the thought of getting rid of them, who were an affront to his own world-view as well.

The decree of extermination was intended to be fulfilled on Adar 13 but the Jewish people were saved during Pesach, the festival of redemption.

For this day too is just the beginning of Feasts of Deliverance, us remembering the days that the Elohim was there to protect His People. We shall have days to remember the time in Egypt and how the Elohim brought plagues over the land of the Nile. Starting today with the commemoration of the survival of the Jews who, in the 5th century bce, were marked for death by their Persian rulers.


Purim – Family celebrating Purim in Jerusalem, 2012. – © Kobby Dagan/Dreamstime.com


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