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Willing to do and we willing to learn everything that the Elohim has spoken

וַיֹּאמְרוּ כֹּל אֲשֶׁר דִּבֶּר ה’ נַעֲשֶׂה וְנִשְׁמָע: (שמות כד:ז)

[The people] responded, “We will do and we will learn everything that Jehovah has spoken.” Exodus 24:7

The Torah brings us the Law of the Most High Divine Creator. It is God’s given Word for mankind. Mosheh took the Book of the Covenant (Exodus 24:7) and read in the hearing of the people. And they said,

“All that יהוה has spoken we shall do, and obey.”

By saying so the Jewish people declared that they were prepared not only to listen to those Words the Almighty had spoken but also to obey or to submit to them. They agreed to live law-abiding and to carry out that what God demanded from them.

So many centuries later are we still willing to say

“we will do”


“we will learn”

The Jewish people though they had declared that they were prepared to fulfil God’s will unconditionally – accepting His mitzvot even before they knew what they were, in the years following proved that it was not so evident.

For us to it might not always so easy. We should know that for each of us the Words of God still count. It is still on the condition of that commitment that God continues to “give us the Torah” today – i.e., revealing Himself and His will to us as we study the Torah and perform its commandments.

Our rational thinking may delude us with the tricks many people present to us. Conventional thinking may deem it irrational to commit oneself to a contract before the terms of the contract are spelled out. But let us not forget that those people before had heard what God wanted from them and had seen the wonder-works He caused to let others know His Ratzon or Will.

On more than one occasion God had shown how He wanted to be with man; how He wanted to have people who belonged to Him and who were willing to show they where God’s People.

Man does not have to think they can not connect with their Creator. The Creator loves a proper connection with His creation. Wanting to have a sincere loving connection with His creation He gives signs and calls to it. The Most High, Who no human being can see is called to come to connect. Each of us can indeed connect to God as He reveals Himself within creation without first committing ourselves to do whatever He wants.

The world is given The Word of God, the Tanakh, several books with words to think about. Every human being has received brains to use and as such has the ability to decipher the things he got presented by other people, but also to come to understand those words given in those set apart Writings.

We may not forget that each of us has received brains and a heart, to think and to feel. Those two combined are our means to connect with others but also to connect with the Most High Who allows us to be and Who gives us our ‘being’ because He is ‘The Being’. Without Him there is no life possible. Without Him there is no thinking possible. Without Him there is no life at all.

Because the Almighty is beyond creation and rationality, we who want to connect with Him should come to a higher level than the earthly level. We should come to rise above the limits of rationality. Therefore, nowadays, just as when the Torah was first given, the way we connect with God Himself is by devoting ourselves to His Torah unconditionally.


Additional reading

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