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The figure of Eve

Next to the man (ish) we do find a mannin (isha) whose mostly known as Eve (Chavah).

In the first chapters of the Tanakh we do find that each form of life was independently created and all sorts of living beings could continue to develop after their kind.

“However there is scope for development within a species, so that it is possible, by breeding, to improve the quality of a particular species of animal, but a horse remains a horse, a sheep remains a sheep, a dog remains a dog, even in spite of cross-breeding” {Mansfield, G. Genesis – Expositor.  Logos  (1992)}

The Bore Elohim Hashem Jehovah made different classes or types of animals and came to make a living soul which felt lonely and asked his Maker to make him a helper, by which God created from the ish an isha. He and his wife, like the animals, had mortality in them, but normally in case nothing would have gone wrong they could have lived for ever.

Made in the image of God the Adham, was made from the aphar ha’aretz (dust of the earth), whilst Chavah (Eve) was made from his ribs, also a material which can deteriorate, like him having placed meat around those bones. She too received the blood which was running in the ish and by it “from one blood” mankind came into existence.

Acts 17:26 OJB “And Hashem made from one ancestor every nation of anashim dwelling pnei kol haAretz. And Hashem has set the zmanim and the fixed boundaries of their habitations, [Dt 32:8; Job 12:23]

English: Man Made in the Image of God, as in G...
Man Made in the Image of God, as in Genesis 1:26 to 2:3, Bible card published 1906 by the Providence Lithograph Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Both where in the Gan and had the same relationship to God. Both had received His “Breath of life” which at any time the Elohim could take away again, them being lifeless again. Only with that life giving breath of God can elements have life in them and as such be “living beings” or “living souls“.  The nefesh or  “soul” not being something special separate of the body, but just the life in the being = the existence. Without that “Breath of God” the being is lifeless, having no conscious, knowing nothing and unable to do something. Only by receiving  the Breath of God something or some one can become a Leneʹfesj chai·jahʹ .

The subject taken form Adam’s rib also received the Breath of life and became a Leneʹfesj chai·jahʹ which could live in the Gan and enjoy all the treasures of it.

By receiving the Breath of life they also received the free will and could do as they liked, except of eating from the Etz HaDa’as Tov v’Rah because that tree having the possibility for them to become conscious of moral or good and evil.

The Most High Elohim is good and in Him there is no darkness in Him (1 John 1:5), but He allows choshech or darkness to exist, as such we having night and day but also there being goodness and badness. Some badness was there for some elements. Plants for example where there for man as food and as such it would not be good for the plant to be cut and eaten, you could say, but for man it was good to have it for food. what for one can be good might be bad for an other. When man came to eat meat the animals had to be slaughtered and undergo a bad action – to be killed – to be eaten.

God did not want to see badness to develop but it was by the choice of man that badness came unto them. The Elohim introduced His Will and Law to His creatures, by which they could hear about what could be allowed or be good and what was not allowed or was bad.

The Chavah got carried away by the nachash or temptation, often represented by a snake or serpent. She knew very well that god had asked not to touch those two trees in the middle of the Gan. By following her own lust she disobeyed God and as such did something bad.

You may consider that God had put a test in front of the ish and isha, and by following their own will ignoring the Will of God, they rebelled against Him, going against His wish. The hasatan chavah or Eve becoming an adversary and making also one of her shidduch.

The Elohim had no other choice than God holding them accountable for their choice. They transgressed by going in against the Will of God and ignoring His mitzvot. The Chavah sinned first. Adam followed her. The isha fell short of God’s glory, she was the first to break the mitzvot.

The ish and isha, who got expelled form the gan, did not die instantly after their averah. They got children and those children also had to make the right decisions like their parents had to make, either following the Elohim His Wishes or following their own will. Cain was born of the same parents as Abel and Seth but his thinking spiritually was also carried away by his own wrong throughout, becoming a victim of nachash.

None of us are created by God or born by Him literally, but spiritually we have our origin in Him. So too the lusts weren’t magically created by the world, rather the world is full of them and hence they “come from” the world just as the righteous come from God. {Do the 3 lusts come from the world not God (1Jn2:16)?}

As a penalty of her deed the Chavah now had to feel the itzavon (pain) for giving new life and both had to feel they had to work for their living. Perhaps this could bring them also to come to see the importance of god’s role in their life and how He had given them everything they needed, though they doubted His righteousness, and could not believe they had everything they needed to live a marvellous life.

In life man had now come to see how God should be their rock, refuge and confidant.



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