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Account of origin of man, sin and death

Bro Wilfred Lambert was one of the foremost Assyriologists of his generation.  He wrote quite explicitly about the connection between ancient near eastern ideas (about which he was an expert) and the impossibility of reconciling Gen 1-3 with science.  Some of his specific observations in the previous and following article are:

  • The antiquity of the earth and man is unquestionably longer than biblical literalists can allow
  • Gen 1 and Gen 2-3 are separate events and cannot be read as literal/scientific accounts
  • The solid raqia was a common/borrowed understanding of the sky
  • Humanity is far older than 7,000 years

At the Christadelphians Origins Discussion we can find about the story of the beginning of everything:

The Second Account (Genesis 2:4–3:24)

This narrative begins in one respect like the previous one.  It does not concern  itself with the origin of matter, but starts with an existing earth, which was at that time unproductive for lack of rain.  God made it productive, a man was created, and the Garden of Eden was brought into being to serve as his home, which he shared with his specially created wife and with the animals, lacking but not needing the amenities of human material culture.  There is no need to repeat the remainder of the account.  The difference between the two accounts is immediately apparent even in their styles. The first is solemn and dignified.  The second is more picturesque, indeed it reads like a good story with the dramatic climax as the first couple are driven from their paradise to live in the workaday world of toil and finally death.

Like the first, the second also has purposes other than giving information about creation.  The main one is to explain the origin of sin and death.  In the world created by a holy, all-powerful and just God, how can one explain that moral evil exists in the cream of his creation?  Other aspects of human society are also explained, namely marriage, the need for hard work to sustain life, and the human dislike of snakes.

English: Adam and Eve are being sent out of th...
English: Adam and Eve are being sent out of the garden of Eden Русский: Адам и Ева изгоняются из Эдемского сада (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The logic of arranging the two accounts in their present sequence is clear.  The first account deals more with the creation of the whole universe than does the second, and its account of the human race is general.  The second account centres on the first human pair and their development.  This leads on to the following chapter, since the Pentateuch is an account of God’s revelation to man through his chosen people.  Thus the line of descent of the human race is followed from Adam and Eve up to Abraham and his descendants, at first giving some account of the whole race, later concentrating on the family from which the Israelite nation developed.  It was therefore appropriate for the inspired writer to put the account of Adam and Eve second, because it could be followed by the generations leading in due course to Abraham.



An openingschapter explaining why things are like they are and why we may have hope for better things

Bereshith 1-2 The Creation of the World – The Seven Days

How did the original readers understand Gen 1:1?

We haven’t always insisted that Gen 1 is literal 6*24 hours

Starting from a point in time when two elements existed


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