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Welcome reader.

Nice you found this humble blog in the amount of blogs present on the international web. There is so much publicised on the web each day, that by the forest we can’t see the trees any more.

A person is best to look for their beloved target by making a good selection of categories. At this site you might find subjects linked to religion, in particular the belief in One God Who created everything.

Though most of the articles may be in Dutch, some English articles hopefully also may catch your eye.

This site co-exist next to my other personal site where I concentrate on the Word of God presented to the world in the Holy Scriptures. I love to invite you to that site as well and to follow my reading of the Scriptures there.

Whilst on the Imannuel Verbondskind Site I do hope to bring a study of the Scriptures, here you shall be able to find a criss cross look at several religious matters and from the particular view with the Messiah at the back of my head.

Here at this blog you might find it having (a specified kind of) facial features, having our eye on a man with only a very short public life. Hopefully you might find enough documentation around that public figure that changed a lot in the world. It is my wish to be able to  shed some light on that man born in Bethlehem, who was by the Romans nailed at the stake nearby Jerusalem, and got billions of followers.

April 8, 1966, cover of Time magazine
April 8, 1966, cover of Time magazine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There may be many people who may shout that God is dead and that there does not exist any god or God who would have made this universe. At this site we shall show that those negationists or denialists are wrong and that it is important for mankind to know the Most High.

Please do not expect the postings to be articles in one continuous line. At Immanuel Verbondskind you may find such a view or voyage looking at the Bible from the beginning to the end, but here it shall be more a going from one end to an other, criss-crossing the world of discovery and amazement and a space of musing and short reflections, just short talks or a few words about this and that, looking at man’s faith.

But I hope you shall find some interesting thoughts as well and shall find it worthwhile to return now and then.

See you.



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